November 21, 2012


( Basic blue oxford shirt from Brooks Brothers, NATO strap from Asprey, Selvedge, APC New Standard Jeans and my blue suede loafers)

When working overtime on a Saturday, note to self: never come to work underdressed.

November 16, 2012



Filmed in Cape Town, South Africa, Solange’s break-up single “Losing You,” is a play on sartorial irony featuring hyper-sharp sapeurs inspired by Daniele Tamagni‘s book Gentleman of Bacongo.

Dreamy just like an ad straight up from one of Japan’s famous retailer, Tomorrowland.
(Daniele Tamagni's book - Gentleman of Bacongo curated by Sir Paul Smith himself)
Still on repeat since 9AM – stop me!

Solange Knowles- Losing You from Louis Palacios on Vimeo.

November 14, 2012


My lack of posting is due to my lack of full brain function thanks to all the client and brand reports I have been busy working on. I swear, I can even hardly combine my sentences.  I have been swamped with work lately and my recent house move didn’t help at all – blame it on my freaking slipped disc.
Still looking like a zombie and a raccoon, I see myself distracted and frantic for the next few days until my parents arrive from the south and hoping I will be able to think in a straight line again and enjoy a glass or two of Cabernet Sauvignon or better, whiskey on the rocks. Make it 5 glasses, please!

Photobucket(The Voyager at night)

Just recently, John Walker & Sons Voyager arrived in Manila after docking in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taipei. The luxury yacht gathered Manila’s crème de la crème to experience the pinnacle of luxury craftsmanship, heritage and modern innovation, and launch the new rare triple malt, John Walker & Sons Odyssey.
Photobucket(Ingrid Chua Go and Paul Whelan)
Photobucket(Celine Lopez and Chut Cuerva)
Photobucket(Secil and Arif Esenc)
Photobucket(Amelia Ablaza, Florence Ko, Sandie Castro-Poblador)
A literal reproduction of an epic journey, the Voyager will sail through Asia Pacific and 9 key ports of call including Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, and India.
Photobucket(Indy Villanon, Janthina Fong, Kenji Ong Lao, Alfonso Tagliaferri, Veronica Mendez and Myself)
Photobucket(Wig Tysmans, Liza Ilarde-Cuenca and Elbert Cuenca)
Photobucket(Dennis and Tessa Prieto Valdes)
What still amazes me, an exquisitely crafted, crystal-grade glass decanter has been created to house John Walker & Sons Odyssey. This stunning work of art is a reflection of the nautical heritage and success of the Walker business that perfectly captures the motion and romance of the sea. When gently pushed, the bottle swings elegantly to and fro and as the case is turned, rotates fluidly 360 degrees. When at rest, it will always point up, paying homage to the steadfast and progressive direction shown by Sir Alexander Walker himself.

Tipsy? Not really!
Cin cin!

November 06, 2012


Dressing well doesn't have to mean spending an arm and a leg for that perfect navy trousers paired with that handsome gray blazer - it's about combining the right shirt with the right trousers and yes, you better have a skilled tailor like I do.

The thing with guys like me, I always end up buying something of the same style in different colors from gingham to stripes. I mean, when undecided, get one of each! Haha It’s way cheaper that way and makes life waaaaaay easier. Besides, who doesn’t love a good deal?
Not that I’m cheap, I have always felt so proud and energized after emerging successfully from the negotiation waltz, coming to the realization that I really did score an incredible bargain. Trust me, it’s addicting!  

(Photos from unabashedly prep and refinery)
At Men’s Wearhouse, a men's dress apparel retailer based in the US founded by George Zimmer, everyday feels like Christmas!

such as “Buy One Get One Free (BOGO)” on suits, tuxedos, etc., “Buy One Get One 50% Off” on shoes, a
ll suits, sport coats, and outerwear, “Buy One (even on sale) and get the second for only $100, the list goes on! Unbelievable, yes?  Then start shopping!

What was the best deal you ever made?
Mind sharing?