April 22, 2016


Friends and colleagues know  that my aesthetic has always been preppy.

A hallmark of any true prep, the
L.L. Bean boat and tote has proven its versatility from city streets to points beyond. Trust me, I’ve had a couple for years and they’re still in good form.
BTW, I finally got myself a new one a few days ago and I couldn’t be happier!

If Chris Martin, Japanese men and East Coast preps carry one, it’s certainly good enough for me! 

December 22, 2015


I have always been a fan of the color blue which has a longstanding pedigree in the canons of scripture and law. Some think it’s a uniform reserved solely for the upper classes, which I totally disagree.  

Prepping myself for next year, I am challenging myself to a self-project called, “simplify”. Yes, that only means I am getting rid of anything too busy from my closet and replacing it with shades of white, Indigo, powder blue and chambray with hints of gray. 

I don’t think it’s boring. It’s a matter of hitting all the right buttons, looking good and feeling great. And yes, I don't think there's a guy on the planet that doesn't have anything blue in his closet.

I’ve compiled a couple of images taken by Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist, who I believe, has achieved a polished look, and has brought the shade back into their everyday look.

November 09, 2015


(Just right before dinner. Heard the bell?)
Free-flowing Moët & Chandon and a boogie - the Tatler Ball has become a highly anticipated social event since its inception in 2002, promising a night of elegance, fine entertainment, and stately menu, mirroring “the spirit of high society.” At its 14th anniversary ball held over the weekend at the Rizal Ballroom of the Makati Shangri-La.
All in high spirits, the charity ball was a huge success, capping the night with over 9 Million Pesos for Operation Smile.
(T Sandwiched between my girls - Malu, Ingrid and Lesley. BChristian and Stephanie Gonzalez)
Congratulations Anton, Irene, Mia and the team behind Philippine Tatler.
(Post Tatler Ball party at Revel Lesley, Malu, Ingrid, JM, Tim and Ana. Yes, we stayed until 4:30!)
With a full glass of moet and giggles, everyone hit the dance floor and danced the night away. And yes, we clean up nicely....even just for one night.

October 21, 2015


OK, I know I shouldn’t be stressing myself out for next month’s trip but I’m not the type who’d just throw whatever inside his luggage and buzzinga, “that perfect outfit” (insert ray of light).

Dressing for fall is easy when you’re the “hoodie” type of guy – not me! And yes, it isn’t as easy as rearranging your furniture daily.

Anyhoo, I don’t mind having my nippies frozen – I mean, your style shouldn't go limp as the temperature drops.
Fall offer us guys the chance to dress both stylishly and comfortably (and hopefully, not looking like the Michelin man. You don’t need that unnecessary bulk!). Think a broad range of muted tones, eye-catching patterns, and interesting textures.

It’s really all about color and texture and pairing your outfit with the right accessory. If you’re looking to upgrade your style this fall, but you’re not sure how to do it, the simplest way is through color and texture. As the months grow cooler, the colors grow richer, with deep reds, dark denim, olive, rich marsala, cypress greens, and royal blues leading the way. These shades have a rich and rugged, manly feel that also works well in the city. Choose a bold color to wear and then add some texture in the form of a nice alpaca scarf or a chunky cable-knit sweater (because nothing is cozier than a chunky sweater).Note to self - chunky doesn't mean baggy.

Here’s my fall cheat sheet that will not only make you feel good, they’ll make you look good too.

And please stop being clueless and dress appropriately. Being befuddled is only cute for like two minutes, then it’s just annoying and makes everyone want to murder you!