December 20, 2016


Like Amir, I got pickpocketed and have fallen victim to skimming a few years back in Hong Kong. In the summer of 2014 while working in New York City, Amir had his credit card information stolen. Hundreds of dollars of fraudulent purchases were made using his personal information. After consulting his bank, they had informed him that credit cards were being skimmed all over the city using simple RFID technology and that he may have fallen victim to skimming.

Fast forward to 2016, Amir and his sister, Hanieh Sigari, meticulously designed and created FUTUR, the world’s first innovative & high-quality RFID blocking wallet, preventing scammers from stealing your information.

Sexy, safe, and built to last, the wallets come in wood, carbon fiber and aluminum.

We were tired of minimalistic wallets that made it impossible to access cards and cash easily. We have obsessed over every single detail. This isn't just another wallet, it's the best wallet crafted for beauty and complete functionality,” added Hanieh & Amir Sigari.

You can choose from either cash strap or money clip for those who wish for some more carrying space, Cash Strap is like no other. With a built-in pocket, now you can carry extra gear without compromising the slick aesthetics of your Futur wallet
Every component of the Futur Wallet was meticulously designed. From the chamfered edges to the hidden screws, this wallet excels in clean design like no other. It wasn't an easy task, but through advanced manufacturing and assembling techniques, the aluminum and carbon fiber versions feature a seamless design that hides all hardware components out of sight.

For the wooden version, it is CNC machined from a block of pure black walnut or carbonized bamboo and are then hand sanded and varnished to bring out the natural beauty in the grains. The wood is supported by a metal core, a pivotal design feature which not only make the wallets stronger, but also added RFID protection. Also, the screws used to bind the wood body to the metal core is a custom made t3 Torx head screw with "CD" grains.

They say the devil is in the detail and trust me, they spared no expense perfecting these details. 

December 09, 2016


Alessandro Squarzi, the Milan-based fashion entrepreneur and street-style regular shows restraint done right
Like fashion, your approach to how you decorate your home is an expression of one’s self, with the furniture and objects you chose directly reflecting your own experience, or a pursuit of a showplace, stocked with attractive yet impersonal objects. It’s definitely not the latter for me.
Frank Muytjens, Menswear Director of J. Crew in his dreamy upstate New York Cottage
I believe there’s a karma associated with decorating and that the people who pursue the first option are ultimately happier. Trust me, in some sense, the way you relate your love seat or a coffee table is, like it or not, the way you relate to the people in your life – because you are either being authentic or you are not.
Fashion regular, Nick Wooster and his tasteful and masculine West Village apartment
How you decorate your home really has everything to do with the way you live your life. When it comes to your own home, do not be afraid to keep it personal and less trendy, just because.
No pretense, definitely real – who knows, it might even make you a happier person.

November 21, 2016


Stylish Rannulu de Zoysa, the man behind Cobba
It is not always easy to find the perfect pair of shorts for stylish urban guys. Trust me, it is impossible! (Unless you aren’t too picky with the kind of fabric and how they fit you, then hop to your nerest trusted department store.)
For someone who wear  trousers whole week,  the perfect pair of shorts is always a good breather. Guess what, Sydney-based designers Cobba have changed the game with the launch of their brand new shorts range.

Designed in Australia, Cobba was created to cater to the lifestyles of busy “urban warriors”,who may be at CrossFit one moment and cocktails, the next. Thanks to some revolutionary high-tech features, Cobba enables wearers to go all day without an outfit change, no matter where the wind takes them. Best of all, they look good enough to get past even the pickiest bouncers. 

“Cobba shorts have a one-of-a-kind ‘AptGrip’ waistband designed to prevent plumbers crack, 
which is the result of 2 years research and development. They also feature silver infused fabric, which is proven to fight the bacteria that causes clothes to smell, and keep the shorts fresh for up to 3 weeks, no washing required,” explains Lulu and Rannulu De Zoysa, Cobba’s Creators (who previously designed for SABA). Plus, the shorts stain and liquid resistant, quick dry, have clever concealed pockets, and 360 degree stretch – all features that are essential for urban warriors!”

Of course, this is not to overlook Cobba’s classic tailoring and contemporary colour palette – both of which make the shorts ideal for the most fashion-conscious wearers. With his extensive menswear experience, De Zoysa has also ensured the shorts are available in two lengths the mid length and the knee grazer. While this is first product launched by Cobba, it won’t be the last. “We plan to continue expanding our range. It’s all about creating designs that fit with the urban lifestyle,” says De Zoysa. “Our philosophy is very Aussie – even the name ‘Cobba’ is Australian slang for ‘mate’.
Cobba will go live with a Kickstarter Campaign for its one-of-a-kind “AptGrip” shorts today, the 21st of November, 2016. Click HERE to know ore about the campaign.

Now, who’s excited? Because, I am!

October 11, 2016


I always travel solo for business or for quick weekend trips somewhere near like Hong Kong, Bali and Singapore, but again, that doesn’t really count.

For my big 3-5, I have finally decided to get out of my comfort zone and celebrate my birthday 22 hours and two stopovers away from everyone else.
It may sound sad and lonely for most but I think it’s about time I treat myself to something great and really get away from all the craziness, that is – work and the city I live in.
The past few days, I have been going through my old issues of Monocle, Travel + Leisure and AFAR on Marrakech, Tangier and Cape Town, to get my excitement started and really get my groove on. Embarrassingly, I have already been stressing myself out on what to wear and what to take with me (hahaha slap me now!). 

I know it is still a year from now but I would really rather prepare in advance than cram a few months before my trip. To be honest, I have actually bookmarked a couple of sites to review this weekend for my itinerary.
Nothing touristy, I have always like to stay off the beaten path, exploring local neighborhoods that doesn’t scream, “hey, I’m a tourist, come take my money!” and spending a few days doing my own thing, sipping a mojito or a few glasses of shiraz, in a country where no one knows me.
I love traveling with friends and family and having experiences that we all will look back on and remember, but not this time. Not this trip. Definitely not jaded, as we grow older, I have learned to accept that liking solitude doesn't make us, strange. Solitude gives us the space to hear our own thoughts, which can feel like a rarity in our busy, appointment-laden lives. 

Excited to recharge and truly embrace myself. It’s about time I smile again and be really happy. Who knows, I might find it miles away from home.
This should be fun!