December 22, 2014


Look beyond the bold orange graphic square.
Known for its iconic white storefront bench and distinct collection of flawlessly curated fashion and accessories from brands such as Common Projects, A.P.C., Adam Kimmel, Visvim, Gitman Vintage, Isabel Marant and Nanimica, Nitty Gritty is a must-go when you’re looking for exclusive fashion for men or women in Stockholm.
Since opening its doors in 1991,it has been a venue for spotting stylish locals who appreciate smart basics that’s far away from trendy.  

Five out of a hundred stood out. Check out who else were spotted at NittyGritty

Christopher Bastin, head of design at GANT Rugger
Johan Svensson,  Web Designer  and Gustaf Wikander, doctor from Stockholm.
Mattia , 29 from Milan
John , Marketing Director at Mackintosh

December 17, 2014


Southeast Asia’s underrated capital and most progressive art and design hub is slowly paving its way to becoming a regional and  international design destination.
Fast forward, we’re finally on the map, thanks to The Wallpaper* City Guide Manila.
Carefully written and curated by Cheryl Tiu and Kissa Castañeda-McDermott,  it packs 65 beautifully shot photos and recommendations on our city in 103 pages, from art and design to dining.
Whether he/she has a week or 24 hours in the city, this perfect travel companion cover landmark buildings like the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), towering Discovery PRIMEA, design centers like Avellana Gallery (A11) in Pasay for a dose of Filipino contemporary art, and the best shops to buy items unique to Manila, like FIRMA in Paranaque.
And who said Manila’s all about selfies and hour long traffic? Think Sau Paolo.

October 14, 2014


(Because details are meant to be subtle. They should be noticed and not gawked at - Zac Posen. Follow me on Instagram)
Sometimes, something as superficial as picking a good outfit will actually have profound repercussion on your well being.  Believe me, getting dress is a ritual.

October 07, 2014


It’s all about good taste and the right amount of basics put together that makes a great menswear wardrobe.
Though compared to my usual shirts from Ascot Chang, Brooks Brother, Armani, Ralph Lauren, Lorenzini and J. Crew, and trousers from either bespoke or APC and Uniqlo, high street brands like Club Monaco, Massimo Dutti and Zara aren’t investment pieces but are  fashionable alternative to any look.

Think high and low! 
No, I’m not talking about bargain versions where stitching can be iffy and fabrics are generally inferior. Not those!
Yes, you got it!
H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB (H&M), the Swedish multinational retail-clothing company, known for its fast-fashion clothing for men, women, teenagers and children, is finally making its presence in Manila on the 17th of October.
[Hyperventilating] Skip the affordable and accessible pieces for the more premium Studio Collection. The store will have 3 floors, span over 3,000 square meters, and is bigger than Hong Kong’s Silvercord along Canton and Cityplaza at Taikoo Shing!
I’m already keeping an eye on a couple of pieces and even have my shopping bag ready for the 15th (hahaha!).
Here’s a tip - when trying less expensive clothing, always pay careful attention to the details: Does the shirt button properly without gaps? Does the zipper on the trousers buckle or pull? Do side seams pucker? Is the fabric likely to pill? And are the pockets strong enough to stand up to a set of keys and serious wear? Yes, be extra meticulous! Still clueless? Window shop and look at magazines and menswear blogs for guidance on styles and options.

September 29, 2014


And I’m finally back in town after an easy break in Hong Kong.
(Easy Saturday Morning - the view from my window.)
Finding peace in Manila is about as likely as seeing to the bottom of murky Manila Bay. The traffic, pollution, groggy mornings and cranky afternoons, which make for one uptight Betty.
(Home if where the heart is: South of Hollywood Road and Cat Street)
Rewind - given Hong Kong's reputation for skyscrapers and smog, a full day was spent cycling around the quiet alleys of Cheung Chau, and late afternoons at my antique dealer’s den, scavenging for vintage posters to frame, tassels for my lamps and more 19th century Qing Dynasty emperor figures for my coffee table. 
The other two days were just spent visiting my tailor in Kowloon, long brunches at Fish and Meat, NOSH, Classified, and cocktails at Café Gray and Sevva.

September 26, 2014


Unique, casual and deconstructed, Alessandro Squarzi, founder and director of the namesake showroom and consultancy in Bologna, is arguably the master of Italian sprezz and never looks short of sartorial. 
Arguably the most iconic street style subject in Italy, this man adores Solaro fabric, cotton, vintage, Ralph Lauren, and a well-polished pair of shoes.
“Shopping rituals? I tend to buy whatever excites me.” With Squarzi, it is never something pre-planned. I think that’s all that really needs to be said.

August 15, 2014


It has been almost 13 years since graduating from university and joining the workforce and I still see a lot of men who do not dress appropriately at work.
I know!  For freelancers, chances are, you will find yourself employed at some point in your life, and dressing the part can be a tricky water to navigate (well, for some).
I have always believed that how you dress is a direct reflection of what you hope to achieve on that particular day. It really is all about self-respect and a way of saying, “I care.”
Finding my sweet spot for style and sort of knowing how to do that was really a function of the time I grew up. In the early 90s, my parents required us to wear collared shirts even at socials at home or birthday parties, to be taken seriously (Yes, I think I was 8 or 9!).
I work in a creative environment and as stated above, how you dress is a direct reflection of what you are going to get out of your day. By which I mean, if you make the effort, people notice and you'll feel better and those around you feel better (unless you want to look like a hobo all day in front of your laptop, I’m definitely not stopping you).
Like a perfect shift dress and a pair of Jimmy Choos, for us men, a great pair of trousers is probably the foundation of any guy’s wardrobe from evening to daytime to business occasion and yes, invest in a really great jacket.  And if you have those two things, you will be able to go to any situation, anytime.
Here are a few key pieces, I believe every man should have in his closet:

Perfectly tailored navy and grey 100% wool suit. (I have a couple from my tailor in Hong Kong and Manila - The fits are just perfect.)
Slim fitted semi spread collar button down shirt in white, pale blue and baby pink
Pocket Squares
T: Brown or cordovan cap toe oxford shoes and B: shirts in plaid and gingham from Aware & Present

Slim straight selvedge jeans from SOSO
Soft constructed navy sport coat and accessorize with the perfect watch and a sturdy and classic bag from Filson

Trust me, these items will get you into almost anywhere for almost any situation.

August 12, 2014


Things have started to hit me since I turned a year older a few days ago. Quarter life? I’ve no clue!
My mother once told me to stop being too optimistic and be more realistic – of course I never listened. Even my sister think I daydream too much. I mean, what’s wrong?

Growing up, I think I have always been a dreamer - the “eyes open” kind as my father says. I used to dream of the places I could go, the things I could be, you do that when you’re young - I guess I still do … but they also know who I am. You find that out when you put yourself in the world, when you build something, manage a team, a class of 20 7 year olds, teach them that it takes courage and hopefully give them some. 

I made a career out of my passions and life out of my dreams and now I have something in my life that I have not had in a while – time. Time to dream new dreams, time to follow them.

Every man looks out of the horizon and sees something, something worth the journey. You don’t always know how to get there, or what there even looks like but you keep moving forward, keep finding, keep discovering.
My father used to say, “you can’t get lost if you don’t know where you are going…” I think I finally know what he means. But the truth I found is, the only time you’re ever truly lost is when you move backwards. If you take your eye off the horizon, and you stop dreaming and you stop moving forward towards your goal.

August 06, 2014


After a few days back at work from Panglao, I decided to take 6 days off, maximizing my last few days at work before moving to my new office.
Beautiful Halong bay at dusk, before heading back to Hanoi
Vietnamese countryside - Ninh Binh, Hoi An and Hoan Kiem lake at three in the afternoon
Rewind: my sister Anika and I decided to take the last flight out to Hanoi and spent the last few days of summer, despite the humidity, biking along the Vietnamese countryside in Ninh Binh and Hoi An, and braved the weekend market, covering Hang Dao, Hang Ngang, Hang Duong and Hang Giay, with my face pressed into some stranger’s not-so-fresh armpit, in search for that perfect silk fabric, paintings and traditional water puppets for our living room. Yes, anything for treasure – dare me! Hahaha!
Afternoons were spent along the shady path surrounding Hoan Kiem Lake, a cup of cold sorbet at Fanny's, an artsy French-owned ice cream parlour serving upmarket ice-cream and sunsets at Le Metropole.
Charming and dreamy, there was no excuse for us to dress like usual tourists in cargo shorts and awful souvenir tees. Instead, we both opted for linen long sleeved shirts, seersucker shorts, guayaberas, cotton dresses, my trusty Panama hat, Nantucket red trousers and a pair of vintage huaraches.

Lunch at Green Tangerine and yes, that's my sister, Anika
We’re definitely flying back soon!
Fast forward: Here I am, getting my ass busy again before I fly out to Hong Kong for the weekend. Now, what to pack?

June 25, 2014


Hola, I’m back! Still sun kissed from my weekend in Panglao, preppies like me can’t go wrong with the perfect swim trunks, colorful chino shorts in Kelly green, basic red and navy paired with the right ribbon belt, pique shirt or oxfords and plimsolls. 
"It ain't proper to be runnin' 'round naked...(stops, out of breath)..... all the time!" - Paddy, Blue Lagoon.
And since the party always start after sunset, keep the  wire-rimmed wayfarers for the day at the beach and of course, a glass of merlot. 
Sometimes, you just have to work like a captain and play like a pirate
Oh, Bohol, you know how much I miss you

June 24, 2014


Witty and self-deprecating, Boris Ejsymont, the Swede badass with an underlying charm, represents a perfect mix between indisputable Scandinavian elegance and impeccable Italian style.
He describes his personal style as “timeless classic with a mix of Patrick Bateman and Tony Montana.”
Patrick Bateman in American Psycho and Tony Montana in Scarface
Yes, Ejsymont always seems to get the details just right from his sharply tailored gray suits to his navy blazers, paired with his icy glaze, perfect for sealing the deal. He’s definitely not your typical Tom, Dick, and Harry.  It is all about work which includes a lot of travelling, a strict exercise routine along with a balanced diet and of course, making time for my girlfriend, friends and family,” he added.
Here, he shares with me how having a great eye, a handsome pair of black suede loafers and personal flair can strike you more than just a high fives and a free bottle of champagne.

Who inspires your personal style? Definitely my father who I look up to the most. Growing up, spending countless summers in Italy and travelling the world the past 8 years did put it marks on my style without a doubt.
Yay or Nay? The right color combinations, attention to details, always have your shirts perfectly crisp and your shoes polished always top my list of Yays! And thumbs down to big monograms and tacky designs.
Growing up in Stockholm, Sweden and having lived all over Switzerland, Miami, Dubai and Manila, how has your style evolved? I basically live out of my suitcase. It is normal that one would pick up likes and dislikes from each location when it comes to fashion and trends. Honestly, I always had a liking for “tailored to perfection” Wall street swank, understated Ivy League and the simplicity of  Scandinavian design. I believe I started building my wardrobe way back in Stockholm at 16. Boarding school in Switzerland made me appreciate suits, shirts and ties as it was our daily wear. 

Follow him on Instagram: @ejsymont

April 07, 2014


Talk about versatility, a man’s uniform should always make him comfortable both at and after work. Trust me, if you are going to wear the same thing every day, that uniform needs to work for you everywhere you go but with a dash of swag.

Bjorn Jannis Hoff show you how to pull it all off and turn your clothes into an essential part of your personal brand.
In my tiny bubble where everyone wears dreamy light colored oxford and bespoke shirts in pink, pale blue and white, paired with either navy, Nantucket red or khaki trousers, brogues, lace-ups and penny loafers, for Jannis Hoff, the man behind Swede label, SOSO, he does denim-on-denim without looking like someone spat him out of an N’Sync video in the 90’s or a cattle rancher from the Midwest. 
That, friends, is what we call confidence. Yes, without making your head do the exorcist-girl twirl, denim-on-denim can only be broken within the highest of style mastery.
If your closet is starting to look like Raggedy Anne sewed all her scrap fabrics together, don’t sweat it, the world is slowly getting dressed.
We all know Bangkok can be as bewildering as it is bewitching. What keeps you busy in all these beautiful chaos? The struggle to keep an SME business running, continuous development of our business and brand and caring for our customers.

Your personal style: Denim on denim on denim.
Denim swatches in four colors.
How did your love for denim start? Denim is for me a personal fabric. It fades and ages differently from person to person. The first thing I did every morning was to throw on a pair of jeans in hope to start the day with fading these jeans.

If we go through your closet and your bag, what would we find a lot of? Who inspires your personal style? Well, nowadays what I have mostly in my closet is of course jeans and denim shirts. Always though keep a white, black or grey plain t-shirt in your bag if the need to dress casual occurs.  My SOSO brother is who inspires my personal style, but if I had to choose a designer, I have to say Dolce & Gabanna. 

What is the one item of clothing in your wardrobe that best represents you? My Slim Darryl Redline Selvedge jeans.
With no itineraries, how do you dress for the weekend? I have to say my handmade SOSO denim suit. Exclusively made by our tailor for me and my SOSO brother in an 11 oz. Indigo dyed denim. Accessorized together with my watch and leather shoes.

Your wardrobe staple? Light weight clothing, like a t-shirt or a denim shirt combined with all our awesome jeans.