July 31, 2008

Found + Bought = White Geoffrey Beene dress shirt with cuffs

Call me CHEAP! Thrift shopping is my best friend when I’m in the mood to play high and low. I’d like to believe I’m pretty good at it. Yes, it can be time consuming but it can also be extremely rewarding. It excites me going through racks and boxes, just think of all the cheap, amazing clothes you can walk away with if and allows me to do so without breaking the bank.
Some of my favorite thrift spots are:

1. Cubao near the MRT / LRT station
2. Marikina Shoe Expo
3. Kamias – Kamuning
4. that spot near GMA and Taft Station
5. JP Rizal
6. Evangelista – the best Segunda Mano!
7. Makati Cinema Square
8. Buendia – Leveriza
9. Escolta on Sundays
10. Edsa ( Right in front of Robinsons Galleria)
11. San Juan
12. The Ruins ( Paranaque)


The optimist says, "We live in the best of all worlds."The pessimist says, "Yeah, I know."When it comes to the Creative Commons and photography, it's no surprise that the reactions to my blog entries on the subject seems to come from extremists one either one side or the other. Their common misunderstanding is that I feel the Creative Commons itself is flawed. True, I've stated that because photography is a common, everyday thing that it is a poor fit for the Creative Commons. But this is the pessimistic viewpoint of a more neutral reality of my message: that it's the byproduct of how itis assigned to photos, and how people generally acquire it in photos that creates most of its problems.
some pictures I took last Sunday after service.

Found + Bought = Happy purple espadrilles

I have a thing for these brightly colored, rope-soled shoes known as espadrilles. I prefer them in bright sunshine colors (I have 4 pairs) paired with sear sucker shorts sans the socks. Espadrilles are the summer footwear of young classic men, cheap and come in zillions of colors. They’re also very light on the foot and comfortable, perfect for a leisure day at the beach or just hanging around somewhere. I remember my grandfather (Lolo Maning) telling me that they are in fact the sign of identity of the posh Spanish, known as Pijos". Espadrilles became the 'play shoes' for European style-makers like Coco Chanel in Biarritz , Picasso and Dali in the Costa Brava. If you want a pair of handmade espadrilles without traveling to Spain, visit + AC32 ( same owners of Firma), Tips and Toes nail salon and weekend bazaars all over the metro.

July 30, 2008

Rolled up sear sucker chic

What a lovely shot by The Sartorialist. Apparently he is wearing simple pique Lacoste shirt and pleated and rolled up sear sucker shorts. I love this simple highly stylized sandals with something much more peculiar and unique like his dramatic hairstyle. This photo just oozes good personal style.
Photo from www.sartorialist.blogspot.com


Reading my blogs, twitter, e-mail, my mobile phone, stock of magazines in the bathroom and the newspaper every morning has gone from a daily chore to a habitual craving. I get asked some of the strangest questions you could imagine.This question though, was rather interesting. "Martin - Hey Ram, what's on your desk right now?"
  • pile of monitored news clippings- my office laptop. (Let's not forget the spiffy mouse pad with my employer's logo strewn about)
  • My mobile phone indicating that I've just received a text message. Now WHO could that be from...
  • A telephone
  • A plastic water jug from Sea World
  • An office cup full of pens, markers, highlighters and confiscated thumb drives
  • A Chinese box with business cards that I'm too lazy to scan into my address book
  • My man bag
  • My old moleskine
  • a desk calendar
  • photo of me and my sister and friends
  • huge neon plastic clips
  • A blue cardboard container full of folders, envelopes, UPS slips and a rim of bondpaper
  • A number of post-its of pending projects
  • A calculator from my previous boss
  • A stack of notepads (letter size, legal yellow of course)

Alright, you know what's on MY desk. What's on YOUR desk? Speak up!


Gary Card by William Selden for Another Man Magazine. Looks like Andy Warhol and David Hockney just had a baby. I’m amazed with this editorial featuring Gary Card, a young London based set designer. It's a perfect mix between the artist and his work. I need a new pad with an extra space for my canvas, easel and books.

July 29, 2008

I COUNT – 1, 2, 26! My wish list

"You have a dream inside yourself, and it is an impossible dream. That is why the Creator gave it to your crazy ass. If it was easy, He would have given it to someone else."

I’ll be turning 26 in just a couple of days ( August 4). This year I only really had one thing on my birthday wish list, and that’s already arrived, a happy life and an intact family ( Love you mom and dad).

I have a lot to be grateful for this year and a few "impossible" dreams for the year to come. Do Good as, "inspiring people by seeing the efforts of others in hopes that they will be moved to act themselves."

I am incredibly spoiled. However, I have had the occasional “so, what do you want for your birthday?” inquiry. At this point, I’m pretty much set, so kind wishes will do me just fine. But if someone’s determined to spend a little money on me (okay, not terribly likely, but you never know), bags and surprise parties are always appreciated. I’ve got a bunch of each saved in my bluefly, ebay and tralala Wish List, but there are three things that I’d like to call special attention to.

1. A new big tote for work and play ( think Jack Spade)
2. new pair of lace-ups
3. that red sw**r sneakers at dotdotdot ( it’s on sale!)

Other than that…(shrug)…as I said, I’m not too greedy. Well-wishes and kind words will work just fine.

July 28, 2008


STEVE AOKI & THE COBRASNAKE EXCLUSIVE YARD SALE on JULY 30th WED 12 Noon -4pm at the new embassy fly. To get confirmed please log at http://www.statusmagonline.com/ and email rsvp subject YARD SALE and names of people. DIM MAK TEES AND COBRA SNAKE GOODIES .. plus cool vintage stuff and tees!!! BRING CASH!!!!HURRY AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS!! DIM - MAKTHE - COBRA SNAKE - GREYONE - SOCIAL - TEAM MANILA - P N P - TATTOO FRESH MANILA

July 25, 2008


Sale 30% to 50% off - See by Chloe, Eley Kishimoto, b, Gaspard Yurkievich ,Whyred Karine Arabian, Opening Ceremony, Also available: Swear ,Linda Farrow, Spectacles and McQ by Alexander McQueen.
Dotdotdot, G/F Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati City 63 2 756.0726 63 920 916.8906

July 23, 2008


Picture above totally reminds me of myself minus the newsboy hat , glasses and my extra baggage around my waist.

1. blue gingham dress shirt
2. blue jeans
3. tan bag
4. tie from Vietnam ( gift from R. Ricafort)
5. multicolored socks

picture taken from Altamiro NYC :

July 22, 2008


I have been yearning for today for the past many months, and couldn't stop smiling when I woke up this morning. So many of the un-named fears I have had seem to lessen their frightful weight with the simple knowledge that I am gradually feeling it. Of course I'm unendingly hopeful that everything is going to work out the way I want to, but I'm also so comforted by the fact that now, at my 5th day, the odds are finally His favor.

July 21, 2008

Paul Smith Swirled Isobel Handbag sighting!

Paul Smith Swirled Isobel Handbag sighting! A handbag of this size with a pattern like this walks a fine line between cute and kitschy, so it all depends on the owner’s outfit. It’s a bit psychedelic for most people, but that’s just part of its charm.

Bag Owner : Margaret Tipton
( proprietor, Tips and Toes Nail salon)

Photographed by: Ram Bucoy at Illustrado Café, Intramuros, Old Manila

July 16, 2008


Elaine of Paul Smith Manila and Bag Designer Joanne. I have never seen anyone pull of the drowned 80's look ( Full printed top) so flawlessly.


Bag: Fred Perry Canvas everyday bag. This simple canvas bag is large enough to hold my notebooks, magazines, camera and even an extra shirt when necessary.

1. Kiehl’s lip balm #1: has SPF 4, tastes icky but it works
2. Burt’s bees beeswax lip balm : tastes yummy and it works too
3. Moleskin plain notebook: large enough for note taking at meetings and for polaroids. This is where I keep my lists of everything and notes of last Sunday’s service. Also great for quick sketches when bored.
4. Planner from my best friend Cheska: A pleasure to use every day

5. 1976 Rayban aviators from Dad: I like simple, well-made things, both of these have held up through endless travels
6. Fino orange leather card case: It is not huge, but is big enough to hold business cards, and all other necessities.
7. After coffee mints: you don’t really want to smell bad!
8. Orange and Green fluorescent markers: glow when you cant find them
9. Office ID
10. Silver Canon digital IXUS I zoom : I click when I see something nice ( and I mean it!) haha
11. My old Nokia N70

July 14, 2008


I thought she was wearing a nice linen top with frills and fabric flowers but quickly realized they were perfectly knitted vintage bohemian top. Joy looks so natural ,comfortable and stylish! This is what beauty is all about, not who can cover themselves in the greatest number of designer labels.

July 09, 2008


Beautiful old Luneta Hotel
T. M. Kalaw Avenue

This old building is one of the few remaining structures that survived World War II, has been undergoing “structural rehabilitation and retrofit” since it was bought by Beaumont last August 2007.
(Picture taken by Raul Ramon Lopez-Vito Bucoy II)
Completed in 1918, the Luneta Hotel was designed by Spanish architect-engineer Salvador Farre, according to a study by Dean John Joseph Fernandez of the University Of Santo Tomas College Of Architecture.
Text Source : Inquirer.net


Paul Smith Manila’s Elaine Sta. Maria
( Picture taken by me outside Manila’s Binondo Cathedral)

Fantastic fun vintage chic! The contrast of her quircky look with the more subdued background works perfectly.

July 07, 2008

Private Sale ongoing

at (dotdotdot) G/F Greenbelt 5 Ayala Center, Makati City Telephone +63 2 756.0726 Mobile +63 920.916.8906


Well I do, and now it is PINK!
Yesterday, I scared the hell out of my cousins by showing up for lunch in preppy pink country club shorts with my gigantically blistered heel literally oozing out over my white leather lace-ups. I sat down and held my legs out so everyone could see how completely massive my entire legs have become with the crazy water retention I've been experiencing for the past few weeks. I can push around on my calves and feel the puffiness in them, and the big muscle aches strangely, as though I've been burning up hours in some kick-butt aerobics step class. I know, rationally, that my gigantic feet and calves are just swollen, but damn, they look hideous. At least in flip-flops. I'm thinking my friends and cousins might not be able to stand the horror either.
Picture taken at a condominium helipad somewhere along Manila Bay, June 6 2008

July 05, 2008


There is such thing as high fashion designer sales. Where?

My friends from Trio Marketing Ventures, Inc, emailed me a flier on their upcoming SALE on the 7th until the 12th of this month ( July).

41 will be on SALE featuring Gaspard Yurkievich, b., Erotokritos , Ben Sherman, See by Chloe, Eley Kishimoto, McQ and Whyred.
Gaspard is sold in 100 boutiques worldwide and now in (…) Dotdotdot , a posh urban industrial haven in Greenbelt 5, Manila. Come check out the gladiator sandals and the high-waisted mini skirts. Men’s t-shirts with discrete shoulder pleating and neon socks.

Also, check out Greek-Cypriot, Paris-based designer Erotokritos. Known for his distinctive collections of colorful jersey dresses and feminine lace blouses, Erotokritos perfectly captures the essence of effortless Parisian chic.

Whyred appeals to the anti-conformist, the individual who aspires to a life filled with independent choices and a free-spirited outlook. The Brand embodies a grown-up, no-fuss approach to dressing where collection pieces year after year become classic wardrobe staples. Established on the style values of the modernist, Whyred is a combination of clean lines, neat shapes and quirky details. Influenced by the music and art scenes, the design concept like the client has an intellectual appreciation for these genres of inspiration.

July 04, 2008

Last name baloney

Today, for instance, I taught someone how to correctly pronounce my last name. Yes, you heard that correctly. People have probably been pronouncing our cumbersomely weird French sounding last name ( It is Bu-coy not booh-coy) incorrectly all these years.

You see, Dad's family tree is, well, a little... southern, mestizo and they're not real French if that makes any sense ( But granpa said we are). I have always been fine with our heritage. I happened to talk to a guy at a party who is a real French - like, from France. Apparently when he said my last name, it suddenly made sense ( and he did ask if my dad was French, like from northern France!).

Don't worry, for those of you who know me and how to say my last name... we're not going to make you learn a new pronunciation. We'll stick with dads’ chavacano roots!----

Parental Grandparents ( Fabian " Maning" Alvarez Bucoy and Feliciana " Channing" Tarroza Atilano-Bucoy)

July 02, 2008

Blogging merry-go-round ( now I’m dizzy!)

I haven't been doing too much blogging lately. And most of the blogging I have been doing has been less than profound. I guess I'm in this place right now... like, this limbo. My life is good. I am happy – very happy actually. There is SO much going on, all the spinning feels like a familiar merry-go-round. Like the ride is fun, but it's making me just a teeny bit dizzy. (Ok, I'm probably the only person in the world who'd get dizzy on a merry-go-round.)

I am in the space between deciding where my life will lead... in my work, in location, etc. I am not trying to make any major decisions today or even in the near tomorrows, just thinking, praying, seeing where it takes us.

I am standing still while the merry-go-round is turning and I'm very happy standing still in this moment.