May 29, 2013


Got tired of my old glass of Feu de Bois for my bedside table and treated myself to something new – a glass of Héliotrope from Diptyque
(My new  glass of Diptyque looks perfect with my China and Ming Dynasty calligraphy brush)
Powerful and refined, it reminds me of sweet vanilla with a hint of lavender. Yes, I also got myself a wick trimmer. I should really stop acting like a 50 year old matron. 


Despite the bumpy flight and a tropical rainstorm welcoming the international art set, Kate Moss and myself (hahaha),  festivities successfully kicked off with pocket private dinners, private gallery viewings and exclusive soirees all over the city.  Even at the historic Pedder Building, six galleries held simultaneous previews on the eve of the fair. 
Everyone really felt the heat and I’m not just talking about the humidity but again, who cares! Hopping in between galleries with Champagne flutes in hand  - how I wish I had an extra tissue to wipe off my grossness – yes, I was oily. 

Nearby in the Robert Stern-designed building along Connaught Road, White Cube held an opening for Jake and Dinos Chapman whose morbid diorama “The Sum of All Evil” filled the entire first floor of the gallery.
Down the street at Shanghai Tang in my navy suit and tan brogues, Chinese artists Cai Yuan and Jian Jun Xi staged a Marina Abramovic-styled performance, obstructing a white doorway staring down guests as they squeezed past into the cocktail party in the store.
I should have stayed longer but I still had a flight to catch. I should have let loose and danced until sundown.

See you again in August?

May 28, 2013


I never get tired of Hong Kong. When in town, I like hitting the slopes on Wanchai,  the busy Central district and Sheung Wan for antiques along Cat Street and Hollywood road, independent shops along St. Francis Yard and Aberdeen and yes, have a suit made at Yuens. 
(Top: I just love the view of the harbor from the Sevva. Bottom: The Monocle Shop along St. Francis Yard)

Aside from the usual outlet shopping (which I am really not a big fan of) and sightseeing (usually for first timers), hit Yung Kee for its famous gourmet specialty-Roast Goose before cocktails at Sevva, Café Gray or Sugar at Tai Koo.
(Saturday brunch at Classified before hitting the antique shops downhill)

When in the island, walk! (I’m serious!). From Connaught road, a short walk will lead you to Hong Kong's very own Soho in the foothills of the Peak. I used to not  fancy steep climbs but I just need to lose some extra pounds from the roast goose I had the day before.   
I need two more packs of yakult and a plateful of dumplings or probably deep-fried won ton. On a brighter note, I got what I needed! 
Next stop, Art Basel!

May 22, 2013


Just because I feel sexy on a gloomy Wednesday afternoon...

You definitely can't stop me from feeling this way.

May 21, 2013


Hail to the Queen! Lifestyle Asia recently celebrated its 26th anniversary with a Royal Gala honoring The Queen Mother of Bhutan, Her Majesty Ashi Tshering Pem Wangchuck.
Who knew partying with actual royalty could be so much fun? I mean, seeing Her Majesty dance to the tune of Dancing queen – you just got my applause! 
After a plate of lentil and eggplant salad, Tshoem beef cheek with oyster mushroom, Bhutanese coconut panna cotta and free-flowing  chardonnay and champagne courtesy of Moet and Terrazas wines, Boston-based yet Manila-raised DJ Katrina “Katsunami” Razon kicked the night with intoxicating beats from the 90’s getting everyone the mood to stand and hit the dance floor.

(Ingrid Chua Go, Linda Ley and Jewelmer's Janthina Fong)
Fashion and society fixtures such as Rossana Ocampo - Rodriguez, Ingrid Chua-Go, Maurice Arcache, Tessa Prieto – Valdes and Jewelmer’s Janthina Fong all looked impeccably stunning.
(Myself in a suit by YUEN with Moet Hennessy's Richard Alarcon, Ingrid Chua - Go and Manila Bulletin's Emil Yap)
Congratulation on yet another successful event, I have got to hand it to Cheryl Tiu, Ms. Anna Sobrepena and the team of Lifestyle Asia. *hic* I think I had too much lychee martini .

May 16, 2013


I have always been a big believer in dressing for travel whether I am headed to the sun-drenched island of Palawan, Boracay, Bali or wherever there are palm trees, nearby provinces like Zamboanga, Davao, Bacolod or Batangas, or jetting off to a buttoned-up business meeting in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta or Hong-Kong, a fashionable arrival is not just encouraged, it’s a must.
Comfortable enough but put together, functional yet chic, one great example of a style-minded globetrotter is Phat Guido, the man behind the Most Exherent Brog – he has clearly mastered the art of airport dressing. 
I myself make a point to wear a coat when traveling overseas and learned how to travel light – trust me, it took me 10 annoying years to remember what mom taught me 15 years ago. Satisfied? A big, yes!
I am no Samantha Brown but sometimes, I have dreams of tailing Anthony Bourdain around wherever he goes (for good food haha). 
And oh, even your luggage should be stylish.

Now, what to pack for spring?

May 15, 2013


French world champion free diver, Guillaume Néry, has taken charge this summer with some impressive lightweight essentials to break the heat.

 (Credits: Photographed by Mr Arnaud Pyvka and Styled by Mr Dan May, Style Director, MR PORTER)

Think chinos, linen and cotton. Panama Hat sold separately.

May 08, 2013


Two more weeks till I drown myself in seclusion, find peace at the four walls of Pak Tai and enjoy the quiet streets of old Central. The past two months have been crazy and my fluctuating weight is not helping at all. 
(My cousin's beautifully curated window in her New York apartment. Photo courtesy of Happy David)

Totally unrelated to my usual posts on menswear and dressing well – I’m stopping myself from turning into a sloppy dirt bag and finally learned the difference between someone who flatters you and someone who compliments you. Someone who spends money on you and someone who invests in you. Someone who views you as a property and someone who views you properly. Someone who lusts after you and someone who loves you.
Knocks head on the wall. Don’t mind me – next post please! Now playing: Mermaids by the Jinja Safari.
PS: Ingrid, Danelle, Marbee, Sarah, Teddy, Akkunda, Rafa, Mark and Pia, you guys are the best! 

May 02, 2013


Escaping equatorial weather in a few days to a place less warmer than Manila – think, more rain and steamy humidity with unexpected downfalls. Yes, that icky feeling like a lobster in a pot, please turn me orange (lime included).
Can’t imagine myself wearing goggles and sweat band while walking along Robinsons Road nor having 6 kinds of cheese at Classified (hahaha) wearing that. Best to snorkel around Wan Chai in my red trousers and willies all the way to St. Francis Yard for some knick knacks from the Monocle Shop and probably more knick knacks from the Armoury in Queens Road.
And oh (silent screams), I need to bring home a couple of Terra Cotta warriors from Cat Street near Man Mo temple!

Cocktails at Dragon Eye? Let me know!

Next stop, INDIA!