March 17, 2013


(Matthew Pike of Buckets and Spade)
Not many men have the flair, inventiveness and the ability to play around with the rules of menswear and still be a cut above the rest.

Last week, I got the chance to talk to Matthew Pike, a student support officer who also works for an online menswear shop and the man behind menswear and lifestyle blog, Buckets & Spades.
(Buckets and Spades in Style Feed – The World’s top Fashion Blogs)
Definitely not the dapper nor the classic type in two piece navy suit and primly folded pocket squares, but his way of peacocking in bold color choices and quirky taste in everything landed him on Style Feed – The World’s top Fashion Blogs.
Describe your personal style.

A nice blend of smart and casual, I lean towards a lot of classic American and British brands, work wear and patterns/colors.

When did fashion/a sense of personal style first become important to you?

Maybe when I hit my mid teens, around 15 when there was more pressure to be seen with the in labels. I didn't get why we had to have something that others did so I guess I just started exploring other options. Currently, if you go through my closet and bag, you will find 15 variations of smart and casual b
lue shirts - all part of my daily uniform.
Who inspires your personal style?

The every man on the street mostly and old movies where everyone was dressed for success. Music too.

If you could live anywhere else in the world where would it be (and why)?

I'd instantly go for Orlando as I spend a lot of time there already but if it's somewhere I haven't been but would 
love to it would be Japan.

Your favorite item of clothing that best represents you?

I have a multicolored harlequin pattern scarf from an old Scottish brand, Jonhstons of Elgin.
Limited to just a weekender, which items from your wardrobe would you have to take with you? 

Blue oxford shirt,  
Levi's jeans, Beige Converse, High button work jacket, Yellow socks, Lambswool jumper, White t-shirt.
What are your fashion do's and don'ts?

I don't really have any, you have to make mistakes to work out what works best for your own style. We need to make them.
If life was a movie, which film would you most like to live in? 

The Darjeeling Limited

What category of clothing are you most drawn to/are most likely to overspend on? 

Overspend on socks for sure, I buy too many. I'm mostly drawn to none trend pieces, styles you know will last.

To know more about Matt, follow Buckets and Spades on Twitter.

March 11, 2013


Alfonso Tagliaferri (Previously featured HERE) redefines menswear and what being a man really means through his suits.
(Alfonso in Paul Smith shoes, trousers from Rota in Italy, Bespoke shirt from Rome, Bespoke jacket from Don Raffaele in Naples, Handmade tie from Rubinacci and pocket square from his grandfather)
Personal Style:  Classic Tailored at work, smart casual off work
Favorite Clothing Purchase of 2012: a second hand 60’s silk jacket from Corneliani
Signature sartorial item: Old watches and hats in winter
Favorite designer: Don Raffaele in Naples, Paul Smith,Lardini
Most frequently work items: dress shirts
Favorite places to shop: Naples in Italy, Thrift shops and Adora in the Philippines
Favorite accessory: Cufflinks
Style Icon: None in particular, “Jude Law has a nice look”
Now, all you need is Nonno seated on your lap - think Shah Jahan of Iran! hahahaha
(Photo and Interview courtesy of Metro Society)

March 08, 2013


Back from the islands – still high from Jimmy Cliff and Joss Stone and yes, trying my best to get back on track at work.
(Trunks I brought with me from Faconnable and H&M)
Three more weeks before Semana Santa and I still haven’t planned anything (Baler maybe?). I’m trying to imagine myself getting on a plane for a week in Bali or the Italian Riviera, a cup of gelato and a plate of babi guling. Still imagining myself in a casita somewhere in the pacific, in my espadrilles,  linen shorts and cotton shirt. But again, it’s fun to daydream when you have the chance.

Sharing a couple of photos I took via Instagram.