November 30, 2008


That’s it! There is a special room for people who insist on wearing basic, blocked, preppy and going sockless at an event like a special level of hell for people who insist on using speakerphones in a shared work environment. Count me in!

What you see me wearing almost everyday

November 27, 2008


style="font-weight: bold;">Plaid shirt + Aviators + Salvage jeans = Madness! ( Photo by fashionist)


Number of loafers and lace-ups I happily destroyed due to too much walking since 2006: 7(OK, I'm rewarding myself tomorrow with a new pair of Suede lace-ups)
Number of days that I have not gotten a shower: Zero! I'm pretty proud of this accomplishment. Although, it's sad that maintaining basic hygiene is now the way that I define "accomplishment."
Number of bags I now use: 4. I keep rotating between my Jack Spade canvas, that brown bag from Powerplant I got 2 years ago, a new tan bag Pupie got in the US last week and my favorite Margiela canvas man tote I got on E-bay (truly awesome!!!!).

Record Number of Royce chocolate squares in one day: 2 boxes.

Record Number of Tissue rolls used in one morning: 3, I seem to be wandering around at work, sick, drenched in my own myriad of fluids and I still have a presscon tomorrow!

November 26, 2008


My doctor says "reduce your stress,get rid of things that aren't necessary" Ok, so no Christmas gifts this year people instead, i'll be sending cards haha. Marked off my list.

Best way to detox next month - two weeks down south, sun,see and the farm!

To do list:
  • play golf with dad
  • visit the farm
  • beach

November 19, 2008


(Suede Desert boots - Opening Ceremony)

After last years Oxford Wingtips and loafers, it’s about time I keep all of them in my closet for something more comfortable (I won’t be spending Christmas in the big city – hello provincial life!). I’ve been dying to get myself a pair of soft suede desert boots and yes, I’m finally getting one next weekend. It is ssomewhere between a boot and a dress shoe, soft suede in an unexpected teal color dresses up the simple style, making it the perfect thing to pair with tailored jeans, trousers, shorts and they pretty much signal a boo 70’s vibe. It’s the best way to beat the heat a month before Christmas in Manila.

What to pack for next month’s trip:
· Espadrilles
· Suede desert boots
· Tailored shorts
· A couple of pique shirts
· 3 dress shirts
· 2 pairs of dark blue jeans
· Flip flops

November 18, 2008


I came across ‘Style Salvage’ last October 14, a London based style blog conveyed by the idea to spread the madness brought about by many years of discussion (ie obsessive analysis) with regards to how men (should) dress, had this challenge that I thought might be cool to revive my old Moleskine. I was blog surfing earlier just right after work and boom, the sketch I submitted got published! Pretty cool huh. Visit stylesalvage at
(My featured sketch at stylesalvage)

November 17, 2008


I pulled out all the magazines underneath my bed and I’m still up. Three glasses of non-fat milk and my eyes are still owl-like.

I am still freaking out and it has been over two hours and thirty minutes. The long drive from Tagaytay over the weekend was stressful for a single serving of pineapple pie and brewed coffee. I know I didn't screw things up but the stress of it all is just driving me nuts and I hope it ends on a good note. I just have to get it out of my head – I can’t afford waking up drowsy the next day.

on Nagae : shirt & trousers.Gaspard Yurkievich/shoes.Swear

Anyway, Dotdotdot just turned One ! Last year’s launch was right on the same day as the Manila Pen siege leading the entire mall closing around three in the afternoon. Only a handful were left inside Pia Y Damaso ( meaning, Us! Haha) - (Photos from

November 13, 2008


Staring into my closet, I gained sudden clarity and threw all my old clothes into my hamper - all of it and I was strangely elated. I could just give it all away to a greater good like ‘manang’ who keeps my room tidy once a month. Give away the pain of those days, and have it completely leave my house, and hopefully ebb from my memory. And, rather than think of it as giving away the joy of those days as well, I decided to think of it as sharing the joy of those days. I felt complete liberation as I closed the now half-empty closet.

Ding! I now have a greater reason to shop and update my closet for next year. Sharing photos from Numero’s editorial - photo mood board for a project am working on for next year.

Coco Rocha on Numero - Why couldn't all clowns be like this

November 10, 2008

WHAT'S UNDER YOUR BED? Definitely not the green boogie monster

Here I sit, slumped in bed. It's Noon and I haven’t done anything productive--5 hours since Mr. Sunshine forced me to wake up – stupid blinds! I just want to think. And, do the right thing. I hope I'm doing the right thing. I should really start fixing my pad – what’s under your bed?

Under my bed: ( Details, Flaunt, Wallpaper, GQ, Esquire, Cargo, Garage, Imagine, Preview, I.D., a box of Biofit tea, my bag, an electric sewing machine)

November 07, 2008


( Dean & Trent dress shirt,
( Pure Blue Japan XX-007 jeans - Viktor jeans is also an option)

( Dean & Trent pale blue shirt, Photo from

Plaids and patterned buttoned shirts loaded with subtle details are back but it should be upgraded every other season. The version of the moment – with a narrow torso, close cut sleeves, and hidden button ( for much dressier occasions) – looks just as good with a pair of dark jeans as it does with khakis.

November 06, 2008


I have not had a moment to myself. I see photos of bags throughout the day. I babble them to myself internally a few lines at a time, and they disappear into the closet, under my humble bed and inside my shoebox. I think many of them will hide from me forever, but I'm hopeful a few will make it into my list.

Here are five bags on my Christmas Santa list:
Mulberry Small Clipper duffel bag, $1395
Billy Kirk No. 166 Overnight Travel bag, $320
J.Crew Artisan's duffel bag, $495
Lambertson Truex Hughes duffel bag, $615
and a Sandstorm Canvas and cowhide weekender, $350

I miss the mall the most, as when I do have a few minutes to hastily window shop, I feel obligated to reward myself with something. I can already foresee the danger of burning the candle at both ends, as I'm also not getting much sleep since my knee injury. I'm not sure where I'm getting energy through the day---sheer determination and adrenaline, I suppose, as I know there is no other option but to keep constantly moving.

November 05, 2008


Michelle Obama is the next best thing after Jackie Onassis Kennedy
The American people have once more surprised the entire world, this time by electing its first African-American as President. Barack Obama definitely gets my sartorial vote.

November 04, 2008


All about Canadian fashion blogger Thomas Wong and facial hair. Men shouldn't underestimate how much facial hair can be an accessory ( photos from chictopia)

November 03, 2008


(Photo credit : Anson Yu)
For ten years, I haven't cared what my hair looks like. I usually wear a cap to cover it, towel it dry with no gum nor wax and it's just sort of, there. I didn't care about it until five years ago when suddenly, I cared. I cared very much and I wanted it cut and styled. I have nothing else to add. I am smiling right now, blessed. With work and life and what to do next, thank you.

November 02, 2008


In the spirit of being as healthy as I can be with this whole “ I’ve got to lose weight because I am OBESE ( I MAY BE FAT BUT IM GOODLOOKING! ) thing, I've made a few dietary changes that I'm hoping to stick with. Here's a quick run-down of the main ones:

The Big Switch to Decaf: My daily mocha lattes for breakfast and after work have been an immense source of pleasure, they're such a nice jolt to my day. The nice thing, though, about getting decaf is that they're decaffeinated using the natural "Swiss water process" as opposed to chemical decaffeination, the way cheaper coffee companies do it. I really-really-really miss the nice latte wake-up. I've been trying to pretend that nothing's changed, but I catch myself regularly yawning around 10am and after lunch, and this never happened when I had my caffeine hit in the morning. And, though I'm enjoying the lattes, the missing payoff has me wondering whether they're still worth it. Without the caffeine, aren't they just additional calories that I really don't need?

The Big Switch to Natural Sweetener: For years, since my college days, I've been a fan of Equal. I'm a double-packet-in-my-coffee kind of guy, and sometimes use it on unsweetened cereals. I've never cooked with it, but otherwise, it (or its generic counterpart) has had a daily presence in my life. When I started investigating more natural/organic approaches to food, I briefly questioned Equal, but shied away from thinking too much about it. I figured I had made enough changes for awhile, and could circle back to analyze Equal again some other time. I tossed all the Equal in my cabinet into the trash. It was instinctual---suddenly that yummy sweet chemical felt as evil as the pro-natural publications claimed it was. Instead, I have made the switch to an all-natural sweetener called honey and is naturally non-caloric. It has no chemical compounds used to simulate the sweetness of sugar, and is proclaimed to be 40 times as sweet. It has become a part of my lattes along with the decaf, but it's taking some getting used to. Sadly, it tastes absolutely nothing like Equal, but I'm determined to get myself accustomed to it. It's also on the pricey side, and is only available in health food stores, but I really feel a bit more proactive having taken the honey plunge.

The Big Switch to Water: I've always been a pretty good water-drinker, but I'm also a Pepsi One drinker. It's the only diet soda that actually tastes GOOD to me, and it's become a rare day that I drink anything else when I'm in a soda mood.

I'm also trying to convince myself that water ( definitely without ice) with dinner at restaurants is perfectly okay. I mean, I know it goes well with the food and all, but I've been cuckoo about missing my red wines. I've been growling in remembrance of the that restaurant I went to in few months back on the last Saturday night before I the new year. I ordered pinot noir, but the server brought me pinot grigio. In the spirit of not being a jerky customer, I didn't send it back, but chugged it down like koolaid (which, honestly, all white wines taste like to me.) I grumble now because, if I'd known that night that that was to be my last glass of wine for 9 months, I sure as hell would have sent that tralala back. Being Obese has also really fueled my organic tendencies. I find that it's now a lot easier to punch it up and pay the extra cash for organic meats, which had previously been a hesitation point for me due to the steep cost. On the one hand, I'm dismayed that my own better health wasn't motivation enough to make some of these changes, but then I realize it doesn't matter that I hesitated before. I'm glad I've made the changes now, and though honey may be the weight that pushed these decisions to their full realization, I certainly got the train moving on my own and that's nothing to be ashamed of.