October 29, 2013


I’m currently out for the week (my first since May last year) to visit my mom who’s been on dialysis for 3 weeks now. 
(Trousers and pink oxford shirt from Ralph Lauren, Green tote from J. Crew and my reliable penny loafers.)
Rewind: I get that there’s a science to packing light, but I think it’s getting a bit over the top when Pythagoras starts giving you specific instructions on how to properly pack your basics. And no, please don’t fold my delicates!  Time for 15 minutes of ardha sarvangasana.

October 01, 2013


Diego Montes Iglesias, the genius behind Los Maldito Mocasines
They say every man looks good in a suit, but some guys still manage to look better than others. When duty calls, always rise to the occasion with a few casual basics, dress them up and yes, look like a million bucks.
It is true that the smallest of touches leaves the biggest impressions.

Sprezzatura  - perfecting the slightly imperfect, Diego Montes Iglesias, the genius behind Los Maldito Mocasines, embraces color and wears his navy and linen blazers with original detailing like second skin and have a damn good time doing it, may it be double breasted or single button.
Talk about swag, you just got to love a man who is confident!