December 17, 2012


Look what just got in at Centre Commercial!
Taking inspiration from both traditional British footwear and military uniforms, Centre Commercial reveals its version of the iconic Derbys and Richelieus.
Handcrafted in Brazil, Centre Commercial are the first shoes with crepe soles made from 100% Amazonian rubber. Yes, handcrafted in a family workshop using ecologically tanned leather – amazing!

December 15, 2012


Before my head explodes, here are all the news that I have been scrambling to find time to blog about. Yes, one more client project and I’m done for 2012. Thank god!

(Look who's thrilled!)

Monocle just sent me a package and I was thrilled to receive a personal note from them. I know it ain’t big of a deal for some but for someone who owns 3 years and a half worth of complete issues of Monocle, I felt like a baby with my first tooth officially peeking through. Two spread on my interview with David Celdran – fantastic! 

(This month's issue of Monocle Magazine with a feature on Hong-Kong, Shanghai and Manila)
Also, a couple of Filipino furniture designers from Cebu and mom’s birthplace, Bacolod, were featured – Monocle’s first!
(A feature on Filipino furniture designers: Kenneth Cobonpue of Cebu and the Gastons of Bacolod)

Ladurée! A box of sugar coated almond from Ladurée  is love. Enough said! Thank you Ingrid!
(Thank you so much Ingrid for this - I'll definitely die of diabetes next year! HAHAHA!)

And yes, that sweet ride (though it felt like my heart was in my throat), I still couldn’t stop myself from smiling.
In closing, It’s past 3 on a Saturday and guess what, my brain is simply swimming!

December 12, 2012


Despite all the options available, I have always been an advocate for argyle, rugby stripe, regimental, fair isle socks (only when I start freezing my ass at work) and silk dress socks for work. Yes, I love the simplicity of my dress code though it doesn’t really produce the most exciting outfit, my selection of colored and printed socks are anything but. 
(My new pair of Argyles I got for a bargain at $9 a pair at Zara)
And oh, no need to spend an arm and a leg - you can spend $9 –  12 from Zara, Massimo Dutti, UNIQLO and get a really nice pair in paisley, stripes and red, however, you can also go to Paul Smith and get a nice pair of florals for $50 - 60.  
Yes, I’m a cheapo – deal with it!

December 11, 2012


Italian actor Andrea Bosca was in town for four days and aside from stuffing ourselves with mozzarella balls the whole night, we decided to have a few glasses of red instead and a platter of cheese at the Lanai.

( Top: Alfonso Tagliaferri, Andrea Bosca and Christian Besler. Bottom: Andrea and myself.)

And oh, don’t forget the limoncello and those bottles of ice cold, lemon flavored beer.

(Andrea Bosca in this year’s Magnifica Presenza, Ferzan Ozpetek’s masterpiece that finally, after years, departs from his usual production. Not bad!)

December 05, 2012


"In Search of Italy's Dolce Vita on a '61 Vespa" - Peter Moore and no, this is not my version of Audrey Hepburn's Roman Holiday!

(Suit: Bespoke, Crisp White Shirt from Brooks Brothers, Red socks from UNIQLO and brogue lace-ups from Salvatore Ferragamo - La mia ode in Italia. Grazie Janthina Fong per la foto.)

OK, more like "Roman Holiday" minus Audrey Hepburn, Gregory Peck and Eddie Albert and no, I wasn't complaining. Blame it on the Mozzarella ball!

December 03, 2012


Last weekend, my sister and I finally headed down south for that much needed weekend just worshiping the sun and getting ourselves toasted in 36 degrees heat.  

(Relaxing day at the beach with these stylish and preppy swim trunks from Tommy Hilfiger)

No, we did not pack up our L.L. Bean tote but guess what, there is always our trusty J. Crew Kelly green tote and tracks from Vampire Weekend and Two Door Cinema Club to keep us bouncy whole weekend.

(Here's what I packed with me:  J. Crew Kelly green tote, espadrilles and my trusty straw hat from Florence)

(And yes,  here's what I wore to the beach: Purple trunks from Speedo, Espadrilles, white linen shirt, preppy nato straps and leather bracelet from Guam - a gift from my officemate)