January 21, 2009


I was not exactly looking to do any shopping during my two weeks vacay while I was down south, I was rather surprised to see that they had a lot of independent shops sprouting like mushrooms and unsurprised to note that I could not find anything nice for myself (please don’t make me wear Dickies). Nevertheless, I ended up at a local department store and bought 3 yards of seersucker, gingham, poly-cotton and tartan fabric and had 4 instant bespoke dress shirts made (I still think manong Arseño is the best tailor in town).

I thought it was a pretty appropriate decision considering I only spent around Php2thousand for everything.

January 19, 2009


This timeless vintage bag that I thought looked a little speedy-esque caught my eyes last night at a vintage shop in Makati. Canvas and lightweight with great interior pockets, the inside is lined with military fabric and the size is just perfect for carrying my Moleskine, pens, coins, keys, mobile phone, my isus camera, etc.

I love how it expands as I fill it with all my stuff and it looks really great with either a pair of jeans or my trusty Bermudas, crisp oxford top and loafers.

January 16, 2009


Photo credit:projectmanila.com

I really enjoy my shopping, so much that I was bleeding internally ( yes, I didn’t shop when I was in La Bella Zamboanga) during my two weeks vacation down south and therapy has been suggested by my mom on occasion. But even I have to step up and say something.

It’s January and summer has sprung? Look around – seersucker, Bermudas and bright “hello sunshine” clothes have already hit the stores. Hello! I just took our Christmas tree down today.

I’m used to summer clothes coming out late February, early March … but mid-January? It gets earlier and earlier every year. The heat hasn’t even made his prediction for summer yet, but that doesn’t stop the retail world. My head is spinning with the season’s trends coming and going faster than I can hide the new stuff. I’m getting tired of being rushed to buy something before I actually need it. When I buy clothes, I like to wear them right away. Besides, who knows if I’ll still like them in two months.
(I love my red socks)

Seersuckers and madras have been out for two weeks in some stores and it’s freezing ( what’s up with manilas weather?). I don’t know about you, but I’m not ready to start thinking about showing off my hairy legs just yet.

Honestly, I think the retail world would make far more money if it sold the merchandise when it’s in demand. Nevertheless, I took the bait. I ventured into Rustans, to take a peak, do some research, not to buy anything. “I don’t need anything” (that’s the speech I usually give to myself). Of course, two pullovers and a pair of lace-ups later (all for less than php____), and score!

How can I feel guilty at these prices?

Every shop had ridiculous sales going on ( DotDotDot, Rustans, ZARA, Tyler, Etc.), making room for all the new merchandise. I couldn’t just walk by a 70% off sale.
Although it’s still a little early for me to think about wearing Bermudas and the beach, it turned out to be a super-retail bargain day.

January 08, 2009


I’m loving Estebans’ look – cropped trousers and bulky pullover from 3.1 Phillip Lim, stripped socks from Uniqlo and shoes from Martin Margiella.

l always get a weird look from my mum every time I leave my room dressed in something she seem to not understand (Cropped trousers, striped, floral and colored socks, huge man bag, etc). (still trying to figure out why. Fashion isn’t just about preppy collared shirts and nicely fit trousers..)Photo credit: Altamira NY

January 05, 2009


Boredom seems the worst of ailments. I try to limit the load of antibiotics I take and also limit the amount of aluminum I would receive ( haha) . Have I been coughing for a few days or is it the lack of retail therapy?

I want to know!

(Images from Sartorialist and Modeman)

Dreaming of plaids now (oh, I’m wearing one now)

January 02, 2009


There was rejoicing last Tuesday discovering a 4 kilometer stretch of pink sand, corals and more, snorkeled along the reef and was doing lots of whacking just 15 minutes away from laidback Zamboanga. I caught myself enjoying the sun and the sand, including the bizarre, but typical, moment at which I went from a happy laughing face to dramatic contortion and fussy grumpiness, for no apparent reason.

Sta. Cruz Islands is approximately six kilometers off the coast south of Zamboanga City, situated within the Basilan Straight. Both islands and its surrounding environs have been declared a national marine sanctuary and both of which are surrounded by coral reefs. The island is known for its pink - colored beach which was formed by the coral bits that were washed ashore.