February 28, 2013


(Gant Rugger Spring Summer 2013)

Time to throw those baggy printed shirts, awful looking cargo shorts, Birkenstock paired with white socks and yes, those annoying nylon fanny packs and screaming passport holders.

February 27, 2013


In this heat (yes, it’s 29 degrees outside – kill me now!), it’s always good to wear clothes that are light. Mi abuelito and mi padre would always use the term fresco,’ or ‘fresh’ - meaning anything that keeps you cool, basically.
Gingham, plaid (in Japanese cotton), sear suckers, linen, cotton and twill - one reason why my wardrobe’s been the same the past 15 years.

February 26, 2013


It’s music festival season again in my neck of the woods and no matter which festival you choose to attend, the clothes most people still wear always seem to blend together – awful basketball jerseys, loose denim shorts, ripped and stained shirts – this isn’t HOBOville!

Last year, amid too many colorful tank tops and badly ripped denim shorts,  I found myself overly dressed in my Nantucket red cotton shorts, canvas plimsolls and preppy pique shirt – unbelievable!
Everyone should start dressing correctly without looking like children. I mean, this isn’t Coachella but one can always close his or her eyes and dream hahaha!
Here are a few tips on what to wear this weekend:
Be practical and pair your Vilebrequins with a basic white shirt from Hanes.
Can’t stand the glare? Grab yourself a pair of vintage Persol sunglasses – it’s perfect for the occasion
Canvas sneaks – think Converse, Keds and yes, your old and handy espadrilles

Oxford button-down shirts in pale blue, white or pink
Cut off chinos in khaki, navy, Nantucket red or white
Basic flip-flops – just make sure your feet are clean (pedicure? Triple check!)
Or at least, look like them!

Ready?  First stop, Malasimbo Music and Arts festival in Mindoro. 

February 18, 2013


Lazy Sunday afternoon at the nearby neighborhood coffee shop with my sister,  my 5-month old mini schnauzer, Nonno and a cup of espresso – Dolce far niente!  

What I wore: Blue Gingham Dress shirt from Brooks Brothers, Navy cotton shorts from Gap, Nato straps and Tod's brown leather 'Gommini' moc loafers

February 14, 2013


I haven’t had the time to update my blog as often as I used to due to the fact that I have been extremely busy since the first week of January – blame it on the countless year end reports, client luncheons and weekly alignments.
Recently, I chanced upon an article in the Philippine Online Chronicles describing the way I dress *rubs eyes*, is this for real?

Though I’m really not a fan of leather sandals, 90 percent of what was written about me was on the spot – me!
I was described to have the weekender vibe and carry this carefree style well – thanks for all the kind words, Lorraine.
You can read more about me and get helpful tips from other guys like Ryan Guevarra of Everywhere We Shoot, Miguel Celestial of El Bosquejo and Kevin Yapjoco of Bespoke man here.
Honestly, there are men out there who embrace fashion, and there is no harm that you do, too.
Now, who's ready to Malasimbo - Nantucket style??!!

February 07, 2013


Good vibrations - summer is finally in the air and there’s a reason you lose all those parka’s, grab your trunks, slip on your favorite espadrilles and enjoy the sunshine with Purificación García’s line of airy cotton suits in navy, twill shorts, cotton blazers, stripes and everything in cotton candy – I just could not take my eyes off.

Sometimes, I’m tempted to hop in  the outrigger boat and bask in the sun the entire day but again, there’s no way I’m getting my clothes wet.

February 04, 2013


I have always loved dogs! Growing up, my family always had a dog. I spent 15 years of my life with Coco, my English Springer Spaniel and another 15 years with my Black Lab, Iman, Poodle – Dachshund, Chyna and our white Spitz, Kato.
10 years out of university and living by myself, I’ve decided to get myself a new one to keep me company after a long and stressful day at work. I know there are 170 dog breeds, but finally zeroed-in on getting a mini schnauzer and named him, Nonno ("Non-no" accent on the first syllable. The "o"s are pronounced like the "o" in home. Nonno is Grandfather in Italian).
A schnauzer for mimosas and brunch companion (He had his first afternoon merienda at the Museum Cafe yesterday), a schnauzer for those lazy walks at the weekend market. Schnauzers don’t shed, so they are perfect for my Persian carpets and oh, they are perfect bates too! (hahaha)
Though not laid back as compared to our labs,  they are fun-loving and lively, which means they're just as happy at our home in the south as in my city pied-à-terre.
What does Nonno want for his first birthday? Definitely  the bridle leather lead and collar from Filson.  Clothes are just too pedestrian.

Here are other options: