February 27, 2012


A huge note to myself: New office, new fitness regimen (fingers crossed!). I have ascribed to this optimistic take on the Earth’s coming full circle more times than I can recall. Every time I move to a new office (and not the start of a new year) , I, tap into the potential of a fresh start, eager to whip my body into peak shape. But inevitably, the weeks move on and the promise of an improved physical self gets buried under work obligations and perfectly reasonable “I’d rather be doing anything other than exercising” mindset. It’s not that I am lazy. It’s not that I don’t know I would look that much better naked. And it is not that I don’t understand the health benefits. It is simply that getting there isn’t really all that fun.

(Seeing my photo plastered in a national broadsheet looking like beach ball scared the shit out of me!)

You guys must have to agree!

Guess what, I am challenging myself to make my move to my new company worth all the weight I will be losing.
Again, fingers crossed!

And oh, I just got myself a new pair of tan Gommino loafers from Tods.

February 23, 2012


Stay tuned for ARTEXTURAL’s launch at the famous Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood.


Yes, that French inspired boutique hotel where Sofia Coppola’s movie, “Somewhere” was shot.


Featured designers: Vito Selma, Clayton Tugonon, Ramir Bonghanoy, Francis Dravigny, Juan Carlo Calma and Jamaica.

February 22, 2012


There is nothing quite like the third week of March in Manila, when the design crowd congregate en masse for Manila FAME International but hold on, if you can’t stop by, Angelenos and Filipinos in the west coast will be drawn with a real crowd-pleaser.

(Merella Single Seater and Stella Stool in laminated rattan)

ARTEXTURAL, a design showroom of high-end home complements and objets d'art from internationally acclaimed, award-winning designers from Cebu (Vito Selma, Clayton Tugonon, Ramir Bonghanoy, Francis Dravigny and Jamaica markets) ASEAN's declared city of culture, with focus on natural materials such as abaca, rattan and tobacco leaves, recently opened its doors, luring visitors in the art + fashion hub of downtown Los Angeles.

(Paisley accent chair and wrinkle pendant lamp)

Yes, all furniture and accessories are synonymous with progressive design, artisanship and function, handcrafted in Cebu, ASEAN's official City of Culture.

(Extra large crazy cut vase and Cheesan planter)

The opening of ARTEXTURAL in Los Angeles just gave us an excuse to linger a little longer in this sun-soaked city.

Gallery at Luma South, opening in March, will showcase sculptures by Juan Carlo Calma.

I’ll definitely put this on my agenda for 2012!

910 S. Los Angeles Street, Suite 702
Los Angeles, CA 90015

February 16, 2012


Josh Peskowitz
Editor, writer, stylist and consultant
Park & Bond, GQ and men.style.com


Never uptight, Josh Peskowitz dresses subtly intersecting old world tailoring and street sensibility. Yes, it’s all in the details!


" Great clothes make you stand up taller and feel more confident. You don't need a ton, but consider your clothes carefully. Wear what you feel comfortable in but make sure it fits properly." - Josh Peskowitz

I must agree and oh, who said the Jews aren’t stylish?

February 10, 2012


There is a fine line between style and good taste.

Any man who likes clothes think, at some point in his life, about the best suit tailors in Naples, bespoke shirts from Saville Row, New York and Hong-Kong and the best brogues and monk straps from Alden, Barker Black and Church’s.

I have always been inspired by my parents, mom being the classic convent schooled Ilongga and dad, the preppy, Jesuit educated, football playing farm boy. Both believed in decency and good manners, and in hard work – things which I have pretty much adopted growing up.

(Mom hours before her wedding with cousins Vina Corazon Lopez-Vito Ledesma and Paolo Isidro Lopez-Vito Miranda)

My mom lived in a very simple, but wonderfully stylish fashion; from her strands of pearl necklaces to statement chokers from her trips. Just like my dad, her charm, straightforwardness and elegance are qualities I have always tried to imitate.

Blame it on my mom, these days I find it inspiring to meet men who spends hours leafing through cloth bunches at the fabric store (yes, dad and I would do that at Fanbi with my mom). Honestly, it is wonderful to find all these like-minded people, as I spent my childhood being ridiculed for the way I dressed (a lot thought I was always overdressed as a kid).

For the nth time, I have always believed in keeping things simple. Wearing head to toe designer doesn’t make one stylish nor look good – it’s just plain pathetic!

(Mom wearing a maxi dress and yes, that's me! I know, I know, I look like a melted ball of cheese! haha)

We all know there are a lot of style rules, some of which are eminently sensible like not matching your tie with your pocket square but both should at least be harmonious, etc. I, myself, like wearing red socks, making me sometimes look like the pope but again, who cares!

Rules can stop people making disastrous choices, but “bejeweled shirts from Ed Hardy” should be consigned trash of sartorial bullshit.

February 09, 2012


February is not for sissies – get a shot of this month’s season’s boldest primary color.


And yes, add that pink blazer too!
(Photos from The Sartorialist and Tommy Ton)

February 08, 2012


Leif-Erik Hannikainen stands out in a sea of men in power suits and white dress shirts.


His style is recognizably Ivy – classic and individual, avoiding the more predictable combinations. And yes, he wears pink!

(Leif-Erik Hannikainen is a personal shopper (Brands, Stylist & Interiors) at Rustan Commercial Corporation)

A lot of Filipinos think pink isn't the most macho of colours. (oh, come on! Wake up guys!) but European businessmen have know for ages that you can’t go wrong with a pink dress shirt.

(Title inspired by Think Pink from "Funny Face" - too funny not to share!)

My dad for instance have been pairing his pink dress shirts with his trusty bespoke slim khaki and gray trousers (yes, my dad and I have slim – almost chicken like legs). The amazing thing with pink, it suits everyone.

In fact, I just had two shirts made!

February 07, 2012


When it comes to my personal style, the most basic and effective rule is “keeping it simple”. Classically well-dressed men like my good friend Carlo Rufino, Brand Manager of local preppy brand, Regatta to menswear designers’ Thom Browne, Michael Bastian, Scott Sternberg and brothers, Kirk and Derrick Miller knew this principle, and so should you.

(Carlo Rufino wearing Regatta and shoes from Opening Ceremony. Photo by Anson Yu)

Hey, it’s 2012 and there are hundreds of styles to choose from with certain classicism with a modern, sophisticated twist whether bespoke, high-street, designer or ever thrift finds from that hole in the wall vintage store.

Trust me! You don’t have to look trendy to look good and yes, you don’t need money to look damn good.

February 06, 2012


I was over the moon again last weekend recuperating from a bad case of laryngitis, to put it lightly. My utterances consisted mostly of me staring in front of the mirror, asking myself: "You serious? Like, really now!?"

Yes, I was mute and I had to work double time just to send my message across. Only a few times in my life has my head been swimming this much. This whole thing has had me nearly-dizzy for two days.

Thank god for a couple of indie films that I have downloaded the night before. One minute, I was having trouble just wrapping my mind around how itchy my throat was, and the next, caught myself with a bowl of hot chicken soup, drooling over Pranzo di ferragosto followed by Le conseguenze dell’amore, and yes, a box of tissue watching L’ultimo bacio (haha).

(Pranzo di ferragosto - reminds me of how overbearing my mom can be with a lot of things. I love you mom!)

(Le conseguenze dell’amore)

( L’ultimo bacio)

8 tbs of cough syrup after and being gods little helper for 3 days, I'm really hoping this will help clear my throat so I can stop gazing off dead-faced into nothingness at work.


Style, taste, savoir-faire – these are qualities that make a man.

I have always liked featuring men who best reflect these calibers in their lifestyle and it feels great to be part of a generation of men that is re-defining itself and what being a man really means.

(The bow tie is the only piece of neckwear one should choose when wearing a tuxedo.)

Well cut bespoke dress shirts from Rome’s finest tailors, slim belts in black and braided tan, navy and khaki blazers cut beautifully and tasseled suede loafers - Alfonso Tagliaferri, a diplomat, is obviously having fun, loving life and fearlessly taking over the world.

(Navy blazer, tan penny loafers and khakis during the inauguration of OVO Habitante at the National Museum.)

Most men overlook the importance of a good fitted shirt but not Alfonso – it is almost like lingerie for women. He even makes a simple navy long-sleeved shirt with batik piping he bought during his trip in Bali look bespoke! Now, that’s sprezzatura!

Trust me, a man has more confidence knowing the piece he is wearing under his suit is made for him.

February 03, 2012


The Lisbon Tailor recently posted photos of three men from Paris, Madrid and Lisbon all dressed in superb bespoke classics.

(El Parisien)

(El Madrileño)

We all know these Mediterranean trio (why on earth wasn’t the Roman featured? ) have superb taste and value classic style, but look closely, still differ from one another.

(El Lisboeta All photos from The Lisbon Tailor.)

Obviously, all three don't dress in an exuberant and arrogant way but has kept it sophisticated and are simply amazing with that!

So, which one are you?

I definitely can relate more with the Madrileño!


August Wilson, an American playwright once said, “style isn’t nothing but keeping the same idea from beginning to end.”

Recently, I have noticed a lot of men are dressing a little more creatively and a little more unexpectedly and yes, more confident. Totally not bad!

(I mean, what is life without whimsy, right?)

I have always liked mixing high and low, mixing my Seven for all Mankind’s, APC’s and Viktor’s with tailored bespoke shirts, my Ascot Chang’s and shirts bought from the nearby thrift shop. Growing up, I always remember my parents telling me that dressing well means dressing like an individual and not like someone who you idolize on television.

I know I am sometimes guilty for staying on the safe side of dressing but hey, I love how a lot of designers now are more on individuality and putting a new version of what we guys should look like. Thom Browne and Michael Bastian for instance focuses more on individuality.

(Don’t blame me for being traditional and oh, those watch straps are sweet!)

I recently purchased a couple of nice fabrics in Japanese cotton and seersucker in purple, salmon, powder blue and white and have a couple of shirts and bespoke shorts made. Yes, creating your own visual style is always the key, let it be unique and hah! still identifiable for others.

February 02, 2012


Aside from boogieing the whole night with a glass of champagne on my right hand, what better way to start the lunar year and welcome summer than with a timeless new pair of flip flops from Bling Duck (Thank you Ruby and Trina!).

(Happy 25th Anniversary Lifestyle Asia and a big congratulations to my friend, Cheryl for doing a great job! Photos by Ingrid Chua Go)

Gong xi fa cai! Yes, these tired feet of mine embarrassingly need a lot of help from all the pain I got pretending to be an expert in tap and instead of tucking myself in bed at 2 AM on a weekday, I still opted to dance for another hour at Salon de Ning.

People close to me know I rarely wear flip flops in public but Bling Ducks’ just too impossible to pass. It has an ultra soft rubber foot bed making it more comfortable than any other flip flops in the market and yes, making it hard for the wearer to say no.

(Yellowduck LTD. is a Hong Kong-based company known for its high quality and comfort at a very reasonable price. The company recently launched a new and innovative line of urban flip flops.)

Bling Duck is also available in all Schu stores in TriNoma, Glorietta 3, Mall of Asia. Chocolate Schubar in Power Plant Mall, Rockwell and soon in Schu Ayala Center Cebu.