September 05, 2004

September 4, 2004

Today a friend and I shot the shit about being a single guy in the city. I have many fabulous single girl and guy friends. The big question is why are we all single? So, my friend had asked another one of our friends, Dustin, if he had any opinions on why this is the case. He felt that many guys out there are looking for a girl that is needy and dependent. It boils down to insecurity and having a needy girlfriend means never having to worry that they won't call, not make their guy dinner or just be around to cater to their every need. Basically one of the characteristics of many of my friends that I love may be backfiring in the love department: we are all pretty independent. We all have opinions and like to do things on our own. Sure, we can be nurturing and loving, etc. but not to the point that we turn into mommies and daddies for whatever guy / girl we might be interested in. The trick, Dustin told us, is to find that guy / girl that likes the way that we already are, that likes that we may not call everyday and make other plans rather than worry about spending every waking moment with our boyfriend/ girlfriends. So, really this new insight provided by good ol' Dustin is inspiring and sad. Sad because this means that maybe these special guys / girls that would like independent women man are in the minority and inspiring because there is the possibility that we don't have to change to come across those select few. It doesn't make me sad though, because quite honestly, I am happy being single.[ unless..] I like that I can set my own schedule and do everything for myself and I think that a lot of my girl friends feel the same way. However, I am human and do feel lonely on rare occasions, but only briefly and then I snap out of it! Sure it would be nice to be seeing someone, but I won't compromise my interests and character to just date anyone. It's nice to know that many of my friends are in the same boat and that if a girl has a problem with that, then they aren't worth the effort anyway.

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karinska said...

exactly, there's nothing wrong with being single.

hmmm.... didn't expect u to be feeling that way hahahaha sowee. kiko's always busy kasi eh! mwah!