June 15, 2006

detoxified Ashley

May 22, 2006

I had an Ashley Olsen moment, one morning, cooling myself with a glass of iced blended mango cream and a slice of chewy orgasmic chocolate brownie at CBTL Salcedo with my friend Chesca. I’ve always these moment when I feel like not dressing up for work, my usual Monday dilemma, shower – shave – pull whatever’s available – splash then zoom. Immaculate white plaid tartans with a hint of azure, indigo jeans and a pair of trainers paired with my ever handy leather bag with all my daily provisions. I feel totally drab like one healthy raccoon with some excess baggage around my plasmas – I mean, check out my eye bags. Sometimes I feel like poking my entire body with tubes to deflate myself, detoxify myself with weight lost claiming Chinese herbal tea and pills that would perk me up like bi-polar Bonzo’s. Chesca on the other hand looked stunning


Sauna belts don’t work, firming gels are crazy – ginger sliming lotions gave me blisters, I still am addicted to starving myself, just a mouthful of Japanese cakes on Sundays and a piece of banana to help me distress while enjoying solitude somewhere inside my four walled kingdom – my bathroom.


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