September 19, 2007

Monday Ukay Trip

I figured I would just browse around any top section I happened upon and eventually I would find a winner. My unexpected trip took my cousin Pam and I to Lucky Star at JP Rizal, where we searched every corner and shelf of the displays and zeroed in on a great plaid vintage top I’ve been eyeing since late August for P200, finally got it for P50.00.

The jackets’ got a little vinto flare, but is rather muted compared to the rest on the rack. There were hideous combinations of leather and cartoon printed top, more horrific than even the worst top my sister got me years back, and here all these years I thought nothing could top her "faded postman " top. (This was a faded, blue, tacky top she inherited from my aunt in the U.S, who should have done the world a favor and burned it with gusto instead of passing on to my sister. As a teenager it always reminded me of a big blue faded, shapeless flour sack bag top ( My HS teacher used to wear), though it never actually contained flour---mostly just old receipts, candies and used tissues that my sister tried to pass off as "just fine.") This Jacket I bought wasn't the Top I envisioned (ie: an exact supernatural twin of the Jacket I saw at Details and Cargo Magazine), but I thought it was a pretty good stand-in, especialy compared to the terrible options I had thus encountered. Lucky Star was the 3rd store I checked, so I thought it best to take this cute one and call my search fin. The brand name is, "Penguin ( tot winner!)," but long-gone are my days of insisting on a particular brand (except where shampoos are concerned, in which case, I'm deathly loyal to Clear., in case you were curious.) Most of the time I figure if something's got the goods, and the price is right, I'm on-board, regardless of brand.


voodoogirl said...

i know it never gets tuloy... but when are we going to ukay, ram?! hehehehe ;)

bluestain said...

wow all of a sudden, you posted here not in multiply. me naman i'm game you free?