May 29, 2008

Of cufflinks , trousers and the right top

Booked restaurant reservations trigger the dandy inside us men. Reservations make us shave, take a share and dig deep into our wardrobe for our finest ware. It might be the fact that we have grown up getting told not to step inside a restaurant sloppy or because proper restaurant visits are expensive, there’s just something about it which brings out the finest in us.

Typically most people tend to jump into their suit or a blazer for a more casual appearance. Unlike a job interview a restaurant visit isn’t formal, there’s a more glamorous side to it as a result of the money spending, alcohol and perhaps company in the form of human of the opposite sex. Therefore the typical white shirt + red/blue tie doesn’t cut it. Colored wool blazer, trousers and a black/white dotted shirt is not example what the most guys have lying at home. It all comes together where nicely and it’s comfortable and casual as well thanks to the absence of a tie/box tie or sock for that matter.

Generally everything doesn’t have to match and often a playful shirt and well designed cuff links is all that’s needed. Caution needs to be divas can easily over dress. One flamboyant piece is enough for a subtle but yet seductive outfit.

On power dressing….

A man dressed in a suit and walking into a room full of people attracts the same attention a woman gets when stepping inside a church rocking a short skirt. Give the man a briefcase and the effect is amplified even more. There’s just something magical and respectful about a man dressed in a suit. It’s a projection of power, respect and knowledge.

On the down side power dressing isn’t for everyone. You’d look pretty exaggerated if dressed and tell someone in the streets that you work as a cashier at Starbucks or a night shift zombie in a call center. Ideally you should be a successful executive, on a flight paid for by your company. Then again who gives a *bip*, everyone is entitled to dress sharp. I could easily see myself dressed despite my size at a wedding or on in a soiree.

Trapped in the concrete jungle of Manila

Although the metropolis has everything to offer and a bit more, the density and high concentration of modern high rise buildings, cars and people can at times be overwhelming. Sometimes I dose off and fall asleep completely exhausted at 8 in the evening, which is very unlike me since I usually can stay up very late. The city consumes your energy, and the citizens are constantly in the rush where ever they are, and they work very long hours as well.
I think I need to find spot here in the big city where I can lock out everything out of my mind and just exit, like a tiny organism in the sea. A small hide out where I can be without having to worry about the number of hours there are left on the day or about stuff that needs to be done. I need my own zone!


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( Picture: With friend Camille Morato Ocampo at Capones)

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