June 01, 2008

PLAY SPECTRUM ( April 26 – May 31, 2008)

Fesca na aplaya
Oil on Canvass
by: Raul Ramon Lopez-Vito Bucoy II

I’ll spread out all my treasures, of fabric, cutouts, magazines, old books and photographs and see what pops out. Things call to be together and a story begin to emerge. As an artist, I combine the objects to suggest a storyline, make an outline but it is the viewer who makes the process complete. You come to the piece and complete the story, flesh out the meaning. There is a part of the collective unconscious at play here that makes these pieces sing. They are more than beautiful works of art. They are a secret whispered, a snippet of song long forgotten, an old joke that still makes you laugh, a line from a poem deeply loved.

Meaningful personal changes are often unrecognized in the moment in which they occur and aren’t recognized as such until much later. The image began as a collage from my sketches and photographs made for my own personal satisfaction and were done over a considerable time span. It is only by looking back at them recently that the change moments (transformational) became recognizable to me. What I see now is that my moleskine sketches and doodles are markers of change moments spiritual in nature.

Some of the images are given what is for me a new meaning by the way my sketches, photographs and collages are interpreted. What I saw in the camera’s viewfinder felt right intuitively. That was reason enough for me to make the photograph. Traditional, straight forward art don’t convey the sense of their meaning. The images have been reinterpreted to better represent what I feel happened in those moments.

There will be a few more paintings from this series coming in the next couple of months.
It took me a month to work on this painting my friend Rafa commisioned me to do. Thanks!

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