July 30, 2008


Reading my blogs, twitter, e-mail, my mobile phone, stock of magazines in the bathroom and the newspaper every morning has gone from a daily chore to a habitual craving. I get asked some of the strangest questions you could imagine.This question though, was rather interesting. "Martin - Hey Ram, what's on your desk right now?"
  • pile of monitored news clippings- my office laptop. (Let's not forget the spiffy mouse pad with my employer's logo strewn about)
  • My mobile phone indicating that I've just received a text message. Now WHO could that be from...
  • A telephone
  • A plastic water jug from Sea World
  • An office cup full of pens, markers, highlighters and confiscated thumb drives
  • A Chinese box with business cards that I'm too lazy to scan into my address book
  • My man bag
  • My old moleskine
  • a desk calendar
  • photo of me and my sister and friends
  • huge neon plastic clips
  • A blue cardboard container full of folders, envelopes, UPS slips and a rim of bondpaper
  • A number of post-its of pending projects
  • A calculator from my previous boss
  • A stack of notepads (letter size, legal yellow of course)

Alright, you know what's on MY desk. What's on YOUR desk? Speak up!

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1. my bag
2. contracts, letters, notes, random work files
3. Starbucks mug
4. business cards
5. calendar
6. walkie talkie
7. scratch paper for notes
8. office phone and mobile phone
9. Arturo Luz postcard
10. a shitload of post-its