August 12, 2008


( Loving his blue coat. Dad called two nights ago from the US saying that he got me a nice navy coat. Am I thrilled? Hope it doesn’t disappoint me. Thank you Dad!)
Classic oxford lace-ups, sockless in gray trousers - perfect!

I am not at all trendy. I like my clothes that would last me for decades, not a season. My style is a seamless combination of old and new, a pseudo conservative guy who wants quality.Think mid 70’s ( looking at mom and dad’s photos) ,shirts fit snugly, blazers are cut narrow, slim button-downs have concealed shoulder vents so you can actually move your arms. It is unstudied, it seems like you have spent no time at all getting yourself together, even if you have. If you see something you like, it doesn’t really matter whether it is out of fashion.
I really love his style, a mix of prep, vintage and all american chic
I have bought a lot like when they were out of style and I was very proud to wear them. Mix and match, plaids, stripes, solids, learn to play with what you have, trust me. (Images from thesundaysbest)

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