August 27, 2008


My trip to Mark Ramos' Ikea warehouse in Makati over the weekend( Thanks to Cecile for posting it on her blog) revealed a lot of great things waiting to be purchased by me. The store itself is a magic den with cost-efficient build-it-yourself surprises, I can’t wait to go back. I describe the whole experience like going on a field trip way better than the outlet in Quezon City. Great thing prices here and abroad are almost comparable, thank god! Definitely driving back when I get to move into my new pad before the end of the year.
IKEA Makati – 3/F Eastman Building, 4977 Enrique St. Palanan Makati City ( Mark Ramos - Office number - 8335590)

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purple cow said...

didn't know there was an IKEA in Makati. Thanks very much for sharing :)