August 13, 2008


What I wore to work today:Geoffrey Beene cuffed white dress shirt , black coat from SPF, belt from Chatuchak, Bangkok, salvage denim from Viktors ( Local denim designer), vintage Bill Blass wristwatch, mother of pearls cufflinks from my grandfather, red socks and brown oxford lace-ups ( accessory – brown man bag from Singapore) : looks a lot better than awful dress shirt, pleated trousers, square loafers and a cartoon tie.


Rachey! said...

ohh nice one ram! haha! there, see, you don't look like a whale! duh!

Rachey! said...

oh and like up naman in your blog! haha :) shameless plug :P

EX BUDDHA said...

shameless plug? which one? haha your blog or my play dress up mode? haha :p

will definitely add it you dodo! and oh, yeah I dont look like a whale, more like Zohan?