August 15, 2008

Rockwell’s Urban Bazaar

B.C Manila (drool worthy dresses by Berry Tenchavez and Celline Salapantan), Great accessories from Get Happy and Lucy in the sky by my cousin Happy Guingona David, Monica Fig, Plueys rain boots in variety of colors, trend spot at Jovy Gongora’s Switch Nation and Una Rosa, NJ Sneaks by Neil Paras, Classic hand made neck pieces and rings by Donabelle Lim and a lot more.

great red sneaks from NJ Sneaks by Neil Raymund Paras.

Recin neckpiece from Get Happy

Hippie Rings and playful classic accessories from Donnabelle Lim


fuchsiaboy said...

ay same ng giordano concepts ko yung red na shoes.


Oh yeah,it’s from NJ sneaks. I was supposed to buy one last Saturday but they didn’t have my size. I’m a 43, they only had 40