October 28, 2008


( Filipino designer Ralph Ng - Philippine Fashion Week 2008)

The idea of attending Philippine Fashion Week was somewhat daunting. I may be cheeky, but that does not include being stuck up. I love looking at runway shows for creativity and inspiration, and if preppy ole’ me can take away one trick or treat from a show, then I consider my observation a success.

The fashion community was in full force including my favorite fashion editor Joyce Fernandez of Imagine Magazine and Manila Bulletins’ fashion Duo Daryl and Andre Chang, the girls from MEGA as well as a handful of Philippine media personalities, fashionistas and fashion victims ( yes, they were all over!).
( Frederick Peralta Gala night at Philippine Fashion Week)
Models sashayed down the cheaply constructed water based latex painted runway in hopes of invigorating a couple of underwhelming collections with some fashion interest, but the only interest found was in our hopes that something innovative and different would come down the runway.

The first night of Philippine Fashion Week ended with a bang. Ralph Ng’s show was not only impeccably styled ( Good Job Paolo Castro and Jujin Samonte) with silver neck pieces to go with the urban chic ensembles, it’s was really well casted. The models looked like they belonged together on the runway. It’s not that I think everyone should look alike but many designers had a wide array of looks which sort of adds a stutter to a show that would normally flow. And the flawlessly structured tops, separates, ruffled tulle skirts and slouchy pants got a rousing round of applause.


poeta fit, non nascitur said...

hello fellow filipino blogger! thanks for visiting my blog ms. me buddha banana (harhar funny name).

this is interesting news indeed. with your blog, i'll have an access to philippine fashion na. what i find really dificult with our local fashion is that the only way to access it is to purchase expensive magazines. we don't have a style.com or our designers don't have websites. if they do, its not well pubicized. i'm linking you!


You’re welcome. BTW it’s Mr. Buddha Banana . Aside from local magazines like Preview, Mega and Metrohim, try backstage in Serendra, archeology in Rockwell, Dona Consolacion in Jupiter for some local fix – it’s fun, trust me. Btw re style.com, try visiting www.stylebible.ph, it’s previews online version but I find it a bit complicated.
Feel free to link me.

poeta fit, non nascitur said...

oh am sorry. harhar. i assumed you were a "miss" because of your profile pic.

i did visit www.stylebible.ph, and i agree. it's so complicated and the website links are weird. and their pictures are awful i don't even dare saving them in my laptop. cruel but i'm into brutal honesty. :D


haha it’s ok :)

fuchsiaboy said...

i said to ralph ang ganda ng collection nya.