October 14, 2008


In ‘morita’, an extended series of my acrylic and oil paintings on canvas, nonobjective female abstraction and representational color play merge and intersect. New perceptions and associations derive from combining these two formidable visual forces. The idioms often form an unexpectedly satisfying equilibrium. In other instances, polarity creates tension between the diverse approaches.
( Morita series 8X12. I should start painting on a bigger canvas again)

The series ‘morita’ was initiated in August 2007 and I continue its development. It is a fertile and compelling challenge to use distinct traditions in new ways. Juxtaposition and convergence generate results that are visually and conceptually powerful, lyrical, subtle, restrained or flamboyant. As disparate forms converge, exciting and surprising results emerge.

Although ‘morita’ has not yet been exhibited, I look forward to showing selected examples of the fifteen painting series in the near future.
Here’s a sampling - the spacing is all wrong, but it will look something like this on exhibit.

The whole thing will display at about a wall.

Note: 3 out of the 6 series aint done yet

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