November 06, 2008


I have not had a moment to myself. I see photos of bags throughout the day. I babble them to myself internally a few lines at a time, and they disappear into the closet, under my humble bed and inside my shoebox. I think many of them will hide from me forever, but I'm hopeful a few will make it into my list.

Here are five bags on my Christmas Santa list:
Mulberry Small Clipper duffel bag, $1395
Billy Kirk No. 166 Overnight Travel bag, $320
J.Crew Artisan's duffel bag, $495
Lambertson Truex Hughes duffel bag, $615
and a Sandstorm Canvas and cowhide weekender, $350

I miss the mall the most, as when I do have a few minutes to hastily window shop, I feel obligated to reward myself with something. I can already foresee the danger of burning the candle at both ends, as I'm also not getting much sleep since my knee injury. I'm not sure where I'm getting energy through the day---sheer determination and adrenaline, I suppose, as I know there is no other option but to keep constantly moving.


Robert said...

These bags are all from The Upgrader website. The Ahead of the Pack articles on 21 Great Duffels. Cool bags dude. I personally would like a Want Essentiels Deurne 48-hour bag, $1,595.


alphabetical said...

My favorite among the bunch would be the J. Crew bag. Followed by Mulberry.


yup J. Crew's pretty nice and price is pretty reasonable. My personal favorite's the Sandstorm Canvas and the Mulberry Small Clipper duffel bag.


robert - yup. only posted my personal favies

poeta fit, non nascitur said...

they all look so nice. but they seem so big that i can probably fit inside.

i like the first one the best. and it seems to be the most expensive one. go figure.


"they all look so nice. but they seem so big that i can probably fit inside." haha I like all my bags big... couldnt seem to find the right one here in Manila

Zamboanga Girl said...

since this is a want, and not a can, list, i'd love a t. anthony tote. either in red with black trim, or black with white trim. :)