November 13, 2008


Staring into my closet, I gained sudden clarity and threw all my old clothes into my hamper - all of it and I was strangely elated. I could just give it all away to a greater good like ‘manang’ who keeps my room tidy once a month. Give away the pain of those days, and have it completely leave my house, and hopefully ebb from my memory. And, rather than think of it as giving away the joy of those days as well, I decided to think of it as sharing the joy of those days. I felt complete liberation as I closed the now half-empty closet.

Ding! I now have a greater reason to shop and update my closet for next year. Sharing photos from Numero’s editorial - photo mood board for a project am working on for next year.

Coco Rocha on Numero - Why couldn't all clowns be like this


fuchsiaboy said...

love the last pix.


Spot on! I like it too Don. Btw, my cousin JR Torre Concepcion knows your brother. He was just in Cambodia with his gf a few months ago. Damo daw guid ilonggo artist in Siem Reip