June 15, 2009


My lack of posting is due to my lack of full brain function thanks to all the reports ,pitches and client mood boards that I have been busy working on the past four weeks. I swear, I can hardly combine sentences anymore. I hope this doesn't make me loony. I haven’t even had the chance to shop, like really shop shop and hoping I will be able to think in a straight line soon, paint, enjoy a glass of wine or even a glass of cold beer and all that crazy grown-up stuff.

Instead of telling you about today's adventure, here’s are two bags on my wish list this month…ok, next month haha. Photos from hyrcollective
bag from Tannis Hegan for THE and
W.M.J Mills and Co Ice Bag
Some trala las,I decided to go with a modern one-button black suit instead of the classic three giving the illusion of height which I need haha. Tweaking one thing is an easy way for us guys to modernize an outfit – try it!

Wedding in three weeks – must get myself a nice top and purple socks quick!
Yesterday, right after lunch at plant, my friend Gayette dragged me to go thrift shopping in Cubao and ended up buying this nice plaid suit like top for only Php 50.00 ( around $USD 0.50) – now, what to pair it with?

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