June 25, 2009


I've realized I desperately need to make some sort of a lifestyle change. I have been buying a lot of magazines to keep me sane on lazy weekends at home. It's such an amazing feeling to splurge completely on things you like but I know how unhealthy that is for my pocket.

I know myself and I know I won't be able to cut it out completely. I was never good at depriving myself.

I’m seriously considering framing old photos, buying back issues and guess what, more pots and plants – yippee!
(I'll definitely be doodling more,potting herbs and carry my 6 year old L.L Bean tote around more often rather than buying an indulgent item - hmmm. Plant photos from Tokyo Polaroid)

Be dropping by Manila Contemporary this Saturday to check out prints from Julian Schnabel and probably shopping for pots and plants and oh, listening to Zee Avi now.

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