October 05, 2009


Brunch on Sundays were always spent at LUMIERE with a plate of Eggs Benedict, Ricotta Pancakes and a sparkling glass of Mimosa. Since they opened a few years back, LUMIERE was notably one of the best restaurant in the metro - possibly even my favorite. A gem secretly tucked at the podium of LV Locsin Building along Makati Avenue, even their chic little paper menu placemats says it all
“Sunday Brunch is the soothing palliative to the morning after of the night before, to end-of-the-weekend blues, start of the work week angst, or simply, a dose of more cholesterol to dull the effects of a hangover.”

Lumiere has now been replaced by Chef Colin Mackays’ SALA. I’ve tried Museum(M) Café and Apartment 1B’s brunch but it really isn’t the same as LUMIERE's.

Does anyone know whatever happened to LUMIERE? Buddha wants to know.

(Photo of Lumiere by Miguel Nacianceno)


Make it Easy said...

omg. those egg benedicts looks amazing! i love breaking them and eating all the yolk! yuuuum

Brad Paige said...

wow that egg benedicts looks soo good im hungry now! and very cool blog! i will be checking back for new posts! :)

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they just dont look amazing, they taste really great!

@Brad - lovely illustrations you got there

emillenejean said...

Apartment 1B is not much, really. Lumiere is still much better! I loved the Ricotta pancakes. Maybe there just weren't so many patrons...that's why it closed.