November 16, 2009


Selamat petang! As a frequent traveler, I know how difficult it is to pack. Mum would obsessively do all the packing for us when we were younger, neatly rolling and folding our shirts, trousers, etc just to make it all fit in one luggage.
(Downtown Kuala Lumpur's Petaling St. is a bustling night market serving as a bargain hunter's paradise and one of the premier shopping areas in the city)

My experience during my last trip to Indonesia from Singapore was horrible, carrying 2 huge luggages from terminal 1 to 3 at Changi was a nightmare and learning that most of the airlines right now are charging as much as $25.00 or Php 1,175.00 per check-in is another big thing and it makes packing light more sense than ever.

Thank god my 6 year old Samsonite luggage finally gave up on me during my big move last week. Anyway, I won't be able to pack as much into a bag that is heavy to begin with.

One should always get a lighter luggage – I actually got mine in leather that I really like last Christmas at +AC 632 (Thank you Ricky and Chito!). It’s always important to travel in style haha.
(Style Guide : Perfect downtown wear in the tropics. Amir Toos of NYC in White pique shirt and seersucker shorts. Photo from The Sartorialist)

1.5 to 6 pairs of shorts
2.A pair of dark blue jeans
3.My favorite loafers and tussled moccasins I got from Dad
4.Crisp white oxford shirt
5.Lightweight pullover
6.My trusted iXus
8.Ray-ban aviators I got from Dad
9.And my Fred Perry Canvas tote

Always choose the right Clothes depending on the weather and since I’m traveling to another tropical country near the equator, gather all the lightweight clothes you can possibly wear.