December 09, 2009


Living in the metro, where the weather is fairly humid most of the year and extremely chilly on December, I could wear almost anything.

I have to admit that it was easy to fall into the casualness of shorts, loafers and my basic oxfords. For many years, that was mostly what I wore, adding dark trousers, pullovers, gingham, plaids and crisp white dress shirts to work.

Being home for the holiday is always a good thing. Last year was my first time in 5 years.
(Perfect December : flannel shirts from Gitman vintage, oxford and pullovers from from apc, pea coat from Steven Alan, JS boarskin luggage tug and nano universe tote)

Back home, our family would dress more formally during Christmas dinner and my parents and aunts expect us to always dress nicely.

Mum would always tell us, way back in Negros (Bacolod) where she’ is from, people wore clothes that was not only appropriate to their activities but were also made from the fibers native and appropriate to the place.

I can’t wait to see my family again – counting the days till’ the afternoon of the 18th.

Now, what clothes to bring? I only have 18 kilos.

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