December 01, 2009


I may not be dandy but there are a couple of items that just scream dandy in me minus the bow-tie.

A few pairs of bright and bold colored socks , they brighten-up my day. I love wearing loud socks with a more traditional suit and dark jeans – think Paul Smith, Ted Baker and my favorite pair of unbranded red socks. Sometimes socks make the man.

(Gentlemen Of Bacongo: The Dandies Of Sub-Saharan Africa. Photos from Daniele Tamagni)

When dreaming, I always make sure to check Kwannam Chu’s blog – we could grow up together. His photography and the beauty he captures in his photos is pure love.

I have also collected a couple of journals. Yes, you guys all know I own four – thank god for Moleskine! It’s a great venue to scribble and doodle, take notes and collect thoughts.

On lazy weekends, I make sure to visit Sonja’s for coffee and cupcakes (I particularly love Vanilla Sunshine), Apartment 1B in Salcedo right after the Saturday market and +Canteen for Eggs Benedict in Legaspi Village. I have always been a supporter of local businesses and love creating relationships with the people around the area. I have also gotten to know the owners and it makes going out to eat so much more of an enjoyable experience rather than just eating a meal.

I miss my pink trousers! Now, what to do during the holidays?


Anonymous said...

I shoot you if you wear the pink shorts ever again.


...and mum on the identity alright?...


hahahaha thank god i gave it to my sister.

I was tempted to get myself another one at Ted Baker when I was in KL.

I'll get myself purple loafers instead.