January 05, 2010


I only take advantage of real luxury once a year when I fly home down south for the holidays like waking up late with breakfast still on the table, afternoon siestas, having five shirts tailored in three days and lazy weekends spent at the farm.

I'm finally back at work after two weeks of not doing anything and have decided to do a bucket list to welcome the new year ( Hey Hey to 2010!). Here they are:

•Have more weekend brunches with good friends ( SALA and M Café has always been a favorite ever since Lumiere closed shop a few years back)

(Photo from hybebeast)

Have more clothes tailored

•Learn pattern making from mom ( which I should have when I was home for the

•Draw, doodle and do whatever on my Moleskine

•Reward myself with a new bag – probably a customized Goyard St. Louis in black and tan



Travel abroad more often ( Barcelona, Paris, New York, Melbourne, Tokyo, Hong-Kong,Taipei and Georgetown)

•Fly to Zamboanga twice a year

•Go to small group and attend Sunday Service more often

Paint more and hopefully an exhibit


•Visit sisters in Florida

LOSE WEIGHT (Yes, I no longer look like a ball – more like the world now)

Improve spiritual life and honeymoon with God more often

•SAVE (like really save!)

•Get a promotion, a raise and probably be assigned overseas

•Walk more

(other photos from slightly north)


Vampire In The City said...

Good luck on your resolutions. I can relate to almost all of them because they look so much like the list I have! We all need to take a step back and enjoy life more often as it can sometimes be a crazy crazy world.

Cheers and let me know about those travel plans!


haha will definitely let you know.probably 2 out of 7 haha

melissa said...

hey ram! nice to meet you.
this is an awesome bucket list. i enjoy reading other bucket lists- it says a lot about the person. i really like the third and fourth from the bottom. sounds a lot like mine!


Hi Melissa! Happy New Year!

Save? LOL, yeah, I gotta start saving and shop less. Last year was pretty crappy for me. Hoping this year turns out great. Btw, I really like your work space and I noticed you got a sewing machine. I sew too :p

Janette Toral said...

Hi Ram. Happy New Year. When I read "save", it reminded me of a counterpart on my end, which is cash flow. I suggest identifying a number where you won't be comfortable seeing your bankbook being lower than that amount. All the best to your 2010 plans. =)