March 07, 2010


I may not have a collection of ribbon belts but I own three – a hand-me-down from dad, and two from my trips abroad which I would usually pair with my favorite crisp
white button down shirt, khaki shorts and loafers / espadrilles / Sperry Topsiders.

(Photo from The Sartorialist)

The best ones are from Ralph Lauren,J. Crew, Brooks Brothers and locally, Wright Supply Co.
‘luxury is no longer just a case of having the latest and most expensive but a matter of unique, personal choice.’

Wearing a ribbon belt is an inexpensive way of adding oomph to one’s basic wardrobe and they add a nice touch of color to a casual summer look in a really subtle way just like the belts from Wright Supply Co.

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Anonymous said...

I love ribbon belts. I own a handful myself :)