July 26, 2011


I love the cool sea breeze as much as the sun.

Before I got back into the workforce after being in hiatus for two months, weekdays were spent at my friends 39 foot sailboat. Being the skipper that I am, I was all about preppy dry fit shorts, white pique shirts and my favorite red parka that I still wear.


Though I would sometimes force myself to sail on an 8 foot long Optimist (yes, that small sailing dinghy), it’s just tough for me to sail from point A to point B with my size (haha!)


I have not gone sailing since summer of 2010, and looking at photos from Muffy Adrich’s album with Kiel James Patrick, Sarah Vickers and F.E Castleberry as her crew pretty much reminded me of how much I miss and enjoy it.

(All photos from The Daily Prep)

When is the next Presidents Cup?

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