July 17, 2011


Anton Javier, a feature writer based in Singapore has always put a premium on privacy.


Yes, although pretty active on Twitter and his blog, Alphabeticalife, privacy has long been a priority for this creative wonder child.


“Understated, never over the top”, Anton is an epitome of good taste. While he is an avid fan of all things classic like a finely tailored crisp shirt, Kelly green shorts, club collared shirts and everything A.P.C, his taste in music skews toward Florrie, Adele and of course, Lady Gaga.

Here is a peek into this feature writer’s bag and his penchant for all things pretty.


WHAT’S IN IT? BlackBerry 8520, 2. Gucci tortoise shell sunnies, 3. House keys, 4. Moleskine planner, 5. Muji pens, 6. Jack Spade card case, 7. Cigarette holder + lighter, 8. iPod touch, 9. Tod's thumb drive

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