September 05, 2011


Selected by GQ for 2010 best new menswear designer in America, Billy Reid’s intense "Southern-bred luxury" is pure class.

His collection is all about American clothing, blending deep Southern roots with a tough downtown vibe yet very versatile.

Forget those baggy pedestrian pleated khakis and tacky button downs and let these fashionable professionals from Billy Reid take the office dress code to a whole new dimension.

Billy Reid, designer: "I like things that feel broken in, clothes that live and age well with you."

Just like Billy, I have always been very picky with the clothes I wear and the things I buy regardless the price point.

Ashley Prinzi, Production:"If you’re proud of something show it off because in the end if you don’t like how you look everyone else can tell and then what’s the point."

It has always been quality and versatility over quantity for me. Luxury is about being able to enjoy what you buy and big-ticket items like a good bespoke suit from a local designer, or a navy blazer from Paul Smith or Zegna is always worth its price tag and trust me, items that are made well will always last you a lifetime.

(T-B) Randy Little, Technical Director:"A few high-quality expertly tailored oxford shirts, a few pairs of dark-washed jeans, and wayfarers go a long way. An oxford with folded sleeves looks better if the sleeves stay up" and Savannah Yarborough, Senior Designer: "My personal style is simple, deconstructed, and mixed with soft layering and solid shoes."

I have noticed, the most common male fashion mistake is buying things that are uncomfortable to wear like a shirt three times smaller your usual ( No, It doesn't look sexy on you!) or trousers snug too tight ( Like, seriously?) hence multiple manginas - in other words, know your size!

Photos from Racked.

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