December 20, 2011


Last night was dripping with humidity and heat, and it is supposed to feel crisp and cool. Tonight surprisingly gave in and I just can’t help but enjoy the smell of newly cut grass.

I have taken my holiday break a few days earlier and it feels like I am centuries away down south. Yes, this sudden shift makes me feel like I am in celebrity rehab but thank god I was able to grab a copy of Rafe Bartholomew's basketball diary to the Philippines, where most men here are 5'4, and everyman's Air Jordans are a pair of flip-flops.

(Rafe Bartholomew, currently an editor of Harper’s Magazine, obtained a Fulbright grant to study the phenomenon of basketball in the Philippines.)

Rafe’s wonderfully written journey in my side of the pond kept me giggling non-stop the whole three hours at the airport, that I almost missed my flight.

“Basketball fever in the Philippines ran so hot that the government once rescheduled a voter registration drive after learning that it conflicted with the telecast of an NBA finals game.” – Rafe Bartholomew

I was hooked and the wrigglers inside my stomach skipped a beat as I continue to flip each page – I mean, who would have thought my country was so hoops obsessed.

Now, what to wear tomorrow?

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