February 06, 2012


I was over the moon again last weekend recuperating from a bad case of laryngitis, to put it lightly. My utterances consisted mostly of me staring in front of the mirror, asking myself: "You serious? Like, really now!?"

Yes, I was mute and I had to work double time just to send my message across. Only a few times in my life has my head been swimming this much. This whole thing has had me nearly-dizzy for two days.

Thank god for a couple of indie films that I have downloaded the night before. One minute, I was having trouble just wrapping my mind around how itchy my throat was, and the next, caught myself with a bowl of hot chicken soup, drooling over Pranzo di ferragosto followed by Le conseguenze dell’amore, and yes, a box of tissue watching L’ultimo bacio (haha).

(Pranzo di ferragosto - reminds me of how overbearing my mom can be with a lot of things. I love you mom!)

(Le conseguenze dell’amore)

( L’ultimo bacio)

8 tbs of cough syrup after and being gods little helper for 3 days, I'm really hoping this will help clear my throat so I can stop gazing off dead-faced into nothingness at work.

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