February 26, 2013


It’s music festival season again in my neck of the woods and no matter which festival you choose to attend, the clothes most people still wear always seem to blend together – awful basketball jerseys, loose denim shorts, ripped and stained shirts – this isn’t HOBOville!

Last year, amid too many colorful tank tops and badly ripped denim shorts,  I found myself overly dressed in my Nantucket red cotton shorts, canvas plimsolls and preppy pique shirt – unbelievable!
Everyone should start dressing correctly without looking like children. I mean, this isn’t Coachella but one can always close his or her eyes and dream hahaha!
Here are a few tips on what to wear this weekend:
Be practical and pair your Vilebrequins with a basic white shirt from Hanes.
Can’t stand the glare? Grab yourself a pair of vintage Persol sunglasses – it’s perfect for the occasion
Canvas sneaks – think Converse, Keds and yes, your old and handy espadrilles

Oxford button-down shirts in pale blue, white or pink
Cut off chinos in khaki, navy, Nantucket red or white
Basic flip-flops – just make sure your feet are clean (pedicure? Triple check!)
Or at least, look like them!

Ready?  First stop, Malasimbo Music and Arts festival in Mindoro. 

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