June 20, 2013


Some guys like to hang loose, and other guys need the free leg movement afforded by boxers, but not me. I have always liked mine tight.

Selecting the right underwear is not a walk in the park. Honestly, just like my Alden’s and dress shirts from Armani Collezioni, Brooks Brothers and Ascot Chang, selecting the right underwear is just as important.
Rounderwear offers a wide variety of underwear that could suit your personal preferences.
Rounderwear, the premiere innovator of world-class underwear and outerwear products that significantly enhances the physical appearance of men and women, introduces rounderbum, a gluteal shaper, perfect for those who want to enhance and define their hoo-ha’s.
Try it out and snatch up a pair from rounderwear that fits best for your geometry.  Remember, equipment do come in different sizes and with rounderwear, there’s one for everyone from mid leg boxers to package briefs.

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