December 25, 2013


I am in love with my new yoga bag!
Hand crafted by the remarkable  Yakan artisans of Zamboanga and Basilan in Southern Philippines, Yakang Yaka yoga bags are stylish, unique and neo-ethnic, with designs patterned after the bunga-sama or the local python; kenna-kenna, patterned after a fish; dawen-dawen, after the leaf of a vine; pene mata-mata, after the shape of an eye and the kabang buddi, diamonds.
“Almost every Yakan fabric can be described as unique since the finished materials are not identical. Usually taking weeks to one month to finish a meter, differences are seen in the pattern, design and the distribution of colors,” said Kelly Marian Murga Mortensen, the advocate  behind Yakang Yaka.
Available in a wide selection of striking prints and colors, these yoga bags are the perfect addition to any yoga gear!

And guess what,  these bags are quickly becoming a fixture. Lesley Dimson, a yogi from Pulse Yoga was spotted carrying one.


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Drop by Legaspi Village weekend market on Sundays or check out yakang yaka online via instagram @yakangyakabarter