June 24, 2014


Witty and self-deprecating, Boris Ejsymont, the Swede badass with an underlying charm, represents a perfect mix between indisputable Scandinavian elegance and impeccable Italian style.
He describes his personal style as “timeless classic with a mix of Patrick Bateman and Tony Montana.”
Patrick Bateman in American Psycho and Tony Montana in Scarface
Yes, Ejsymont always seems to get the details just right from his sharply tailored gray suits to his navy blazers, paired with his icy glaze, perfect for sealing the deal. He’s definitely not your typical Tom, Dick, and Harry.  It is all about work which includes a lot of travelling, a strict exercise routine along with a balanced diet and of course, making time for my girlfriend, friends and family,” he added.
Here, he shares with me how having a great eye, a handsome pair of black suede loafers and personal flair can strike you more than just a high fives and a free bottle of champagne.

Who inspires your personal style? Definitely my father who I look up to the most. Growing up, spending countless summers in Italy and travelling the world the past 8 years did put it marks on my style without a doubt.
Yay or Nay? The right color combinations, attention to details, always have your shirts perfectly crisp and your shoes polished always top my list of Yays! And thumbs down to big monograms and tacky designs.
Growing up in Stockholm, Sweden and having lived all over Switzerland, Miami, Dubai and Manila, how has your style evolved? I basically live out of my suitcase. It is normal that one would pick up likes and dislikes from each location when it comes to fashion and trends. Honestly, I always had a liking for “tailored to perfection” Wall street swank, understated Ivy League and the simplicity of  Scandinavian design. I believe I started building my wardrobe way back in Stockholm at 16. Boarding school in Switzerland made me appreciate suits, shirts and ties as it was our daily wear. 

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