September 29, 2014


And I’m finally back in town after an easy break in Hong Kong.
(Easy Saturday Morning - the view from my window.)
Finding peace in Manila is about as likely as seeing to the bottom of murky Manila Bay. The traffic, pollution, groggy mornings and cranky afternoons, which make for one uptight Betty.
(Home if where the heart is: South of Hollywood Road and Cat Street)
Rewind - given Hong Kong's reputation for skyscrapers and smog, a full day was spent cycling around the quiet alleys of Cheung Chau, and late afternoons at my antique dealer’s den, scavenging for vintage posters to frame, tassels for my lamps and more 19th century Qing Dynasty emperor figures for my coffee table. 
The other two days were just spent visiting my tailor in Kowloon, long brunches at Fish and Meat, NOSH, Classified, and cocktails at Café Gray and Sevva.

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