October 11, 2016


I always travel solo for business or for quick weekend trips somewhere near like Hong Kong, Bali and Singapore, but again, that doesn’t really count.

For my big 3-5, I have finally decided to get out of my comfort zone and celebrate my birthday 22 hours and two stopovers away from everyone else.
It may sound sad and lonely for most but I think it’s about time I treat myself to something great and really get away from all the craziness, that is – work and the city I live in.
The past few days, I have been going through my old issues of Monocle, Travel + Leisure and AFAR on Marrakech, Tangier and Cape Town, to get my excitement started and really get my groove on. Embarrassingly, I have already been stressing myself out on what to wear and what to take with me (hahaha slap me now!). 

I know it is still a year from now but I would really rather prepare in advance than cram a few months before my trip. To be honest, I have actually bookmarked a couple of sites to review this weekend for my itinerary.
Nothing touristy, I have always like to stay off the beaten path, exploring local neighborhoods that doesn’t scream, “hey, I’m a tourist, come take my money!” and spending a few days doing my own thing, sipping a mojito or a few glasses of shiraz, in a country where no one knows me.
I love traveling with friends and family and having experiences that we all will look back on and remember, but not this time. Not this trip. Definitely not jaded, as we grow older, I have learned to accept that liking solitude doesn't make us, strange. Solitude gives us the space to hear our own thoughts, which can feel like a rarity in our busy, appointment-laden lives. 

Excited to recharge and truly embrace myself. It’s about time I smile again and be really happy. Who knows, I might find it miles away from home.
This should be fun!

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