September 01, 2005

Fucked up with work, as usual – I didn’t get I wanted. Have been up for the past 10 hours and all I want is a good sleep, an amazing crotch scratch and a tummy rub. I got myself 6 tabs of neozep to cure my stuffy and some extra tabs to get me dehydrated, I mean…extract my almost full tummy!

Oh starbucks and my glorious gift check, thank god for Passion tea – spray me, ohhh orgasmic!

Five minutes at Marion Godart, contemplating, still thinking – I actually spotted a carry on khaki work bag , where are the straps? Nahh I don’t really need it!

At carbon, ten minutes after, I spotted an amazing black leather backpack with grey canvass trimming, god! Time to give dad a ring haha

Dinner at Gaudi, a ride home – amazing! Hey, thanks for the sleek knitted slim tie you gave me man, you shouldn’t have!

Hey Dad, Happy birthday aight?

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