July 22, 2005


July 14, 2005

of imodium, diatabs and diet tabs...

Trapped, battery dead, forty minutes away from dreamland, five hours after and still waiting for Dodge to finish his stuff, bored, sleepy, constipated, really constipated, I’m on the verge of exploding my toxins…oh come on, if only I could fart here and look innocent. Ten hours after meeting up at podium for my first tall hot mocha at starbucks, eight hours after having my pesto at fazollis, six hours after that great movie at Eastwood with a friend…still constipated.

Turning green, nauseated, vertigo like marble mobiles and hungry bananas all over me.

Still up after twenty hours of work, transactions, client calls, early morning gossip at three [ I blame Datu!], cropped white dress shirt, pink corporate silk tie, second can of soda from our office vendo – barf, barf, barf!

Beeping sound, ID sling tap, escalator ride, cabby ride, swoosh…..raining at ten thirty.

Oh, can’t wait to be the king, a king minus his sceptre, oh I’ve got a replacement for that, yeah a magazine, more magazines [ details, esquire, GQ , metro], the feeling of earth shacking from inside, tummy crumbling like hell, atomic bomb minus death traps and destruction, just torrential green flood and brown slides…damn!

Irritated with frap sipping Orientals, Koreans to be exact – didn’t I tell you, they all sound like starving wild pelicans ha-ha. I see tons of f4 looking, Sandara smiling yellow skinned woo woos – I need a tab now, I mean yeah! IMODIUM!


Really weak


Few more hours till the end of my dynasty!

"I’ve been dying to leave this freaking cyber zone in the heart of Quezon City, Eastwood to be exact – I’m just giving Dodge a chance, thank me dude big time, not seeing my good old’ leprechaun looking brothers is good enough to cherish my memories way back. To Mohohoho who I just spent the afternoon with, I had a great time – and You who’ve been putting a smile on my face for the past few days, thanks – will give you more hugs and hug hug soon….be riding the choo choo train soon to my kingdom.”


[I’m wearing a crisp white dress shirt and a silk green and pink striped tie, charcoal tailored trousers and pointy loafers – store info soon. Fart and kooplahs not included]

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Tanya said...

Everytime I read this particular blog, I can't help but laugh - & it still gets to me = hahaha! :)