June 11, 2007

Between Anorexia and Cheese

I would love to be outside, if only to feel my nose turn red while my eyes squint in the sunlight. But I'm inside, typing away at an anonymous, souless machine, in a room devoid of the heat. It saddens me to think that there are only so many of these precious days left, that soon the roads will be flooded and waking up two hours before work will seem like rising from the grip of death. I would like to reclaim my days and spend them wandering through my thoughts, aimlessly, like an intrigued child. I see nothing above the concrete slab in the window, and it is just enough to taunt me.

I’m just hungry.

Perfect meal to break my Fast. Grams’ Baked Cheese Macaroni and Chili Dog. I finally got my Apetite back.

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