June 11, 2007

feeling completely numb - I'm such a complete invertebrate, I swear!

Big birdy and some paperplanes showed up earlier this morning, way too early, I might add, which was just annoying. They tend to cop-out at the last minute and I promised myself that I am dropping by Makati Medical Center for a short check-up.


I felt so crampy and awful that I sacked out in the back seat hoping that I would feel a little better by the time I got there. I had totally lost my appetite, though, and just couldn't bear to eat, which is definitely not a good thing.

I got myself a sandwich but it did not help me much. In my nauseous state, looked completely hideous. I got totally grossed out by the greasy hunk of meat and pouted a little because I was so tired of being asked to eat and having forks shoved in my face. Disgusted....I feel guilty on top of feeling like crap.It was difficult to look ok, when I kept cringing with crampiness, but also because my mind was a thousand thoughts away. I kept starting off into space thinking over this cycle and wondering why big birdy's turning purple. Am I ok?

I have spent good energies keeping up with my health, forbidding myself to freak out and be affected by negativity.

On Serc around Four,stunned. strangled. silent. I looked terribly pale. Could it be something else?

Pinch. Pinching. Lots of pinching........


Seriously. I nearly jumped right off the table when the doctor said that my blood pressure went up to 140/90. I was so freaked out by the level of wide-open exposure in front of three complete strangers, along with the physical handicap of having a hoo-hah full of metal, that I restrained myself out of sheer shock.

Me :What have I done wrong?
Doctor : What Have you been doing lately?
Me: I've been doing a lot of tralalalas after work just to keep myself busy, Sunday school twice a month, I jog after work for an hour thrice a week.
Doctor: Got'ya! take a breather Ram. You're not Superman, you're not even fat, no need to starve yourself .
Me: Not fat?!! No kaya!!! Bolah Doc!! I'm such a complete invertebrate, I swear.

I confined myself the entire morning at Makati Medical Center hoping to recover fast. Got out around 1:30 pm.

THANK YOU: Edroy Lim, Gayette Tipton, Rosanna Ricafort, Joy Po, Melissa Tipoe, Tim Ang, Anne Centeno, Carlo Rufino, Paolo and Dette Pantoja, Gerene San Diego, James Lo, Pupu, Mom - Thank you again guys, was pretty touched. I totally got my apetite back. Still recovering though.

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