June 14, 2007

Corporate Social Responsibility

HSBC Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR) - Many advocates would distinguish CSR from charitable donations and "good works" (i.e., philanthropy, e.g., Habitat for Humanity or Ronald McDonald House). Corporations have often, in the past, spent money on community projects, the endowment of scholarships, and the establishment of foundations. They have also often encouraged their employees to volunteer to take part in community work and thereby create goodwill in the community, which will directly enhance the reputation of the company and strengthen its brand. CSR goes beyond charity and requires that a responsible company take into full account its impact on all stakeholders and on the environment when making decisions. This requires the company to balance the needs of all stakeholders with its need to make a profit and reward shareholders adequately(Wikipedia).

June 9,2007 – Wawa and Ipo Dam, Norzagaray,Bulacan

Wawa and Ipo dam is a surreal place. Trail of fire trees tower alone sinuous line of wild bougainvilleas and dainty colored wooden houses built beside roadside mango plantations. Old planters’ bungalows nestle behind acacia trees with their bright canary flowers and orchids grow beside lined palm trees in the gardens. The network of pathways and sheer scale of the bamboo work terracing that created the infrastructure for the locals and visitors to marvel – there is mile upon mile of lovingly tented land, traversing near – vertical ridges and meandering up emerald-green valleys.

The walking routes are idyllic and suited to all ages and levels of endurance and endeavors. Despite its’ location, the landscape does evolve; vast abandoned wooden houses with neglected fields that wild flowers have carpeted soon have given away the growing vegetables. The trails wind through dense, shady groves of mango, bamboo and mahogany that slowly open up to reveal vistas of Ipo and Wawa Dam; an undulating sea of grassy hues, emerald man made lake, the waves rippling to the horizon like a giant green flood.

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